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9.11 investigation

A Brief History of False Flags

A short list of all the false flag events used to justify wars, remove civil liberties, and bolster police states throughout human history.
47 BC: Julius Caesar used a series of riots and arson attacks that he paid for and commanded to destabilise the Roman Republic before marching his Legions across the Rubicon and into Rome, where he took power and declared himself Emperor.

64 AD: The Emperor Nero deliberately allowed Rome to be burned in a series of arson attacks in order to blame them upon the emerging Christian sects in order to set them up for persecution as enemies of the state, thus enabling their bloody persecution.
P. Brennan: There is a gap in my historical knowledge here. I am sure that there were many other False Flag events between 64 AD and 1898 AD that I have yet to research.
1898 AD: The sinking of the USS Maine, even though it was a tragic accident and not an act of war by Spain, it was used as a False Flag by the American Administration to justify the Spanish-American War.
1914 AD: The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo was blamed on the Bosnians and sparked off the First World War. The Assassins were actually working under the orders of the British Secret Service.
1914-1918 AD: Various riots broke out in Italy during the First World War by factions that were in favour of Italy's role with the Allies in order to silence dissent against Italy's continuing participation in military actions against Austria. What is little known is that it was Benito Mussolini's faction of thugs that sparked off these riots as at this time he was working for MI5 as a British secret service agent.
1933 AD: Rohm's SA set fire to the Reichstag in order for Hitler to be able to blame it on the Communists, thus enabling him to crack down on his main political rivals with devastating effect, as well as construct his police state in post Weimar Republic Germany. The Reichstag Fire is so infamous in modern history that false flags are often referred to as "Reichstag Events".
1939 AD: The SS mounted a False Flag event on the border of Poland and Germany so that Hitler could claim that Poland had attacked Germany first in order to justify his invasion of Poland to the German People. This event led directly to the Declaration of War by the United Kingdom and France on Germany, and the start of the Second World War.
1942 AD: After failing to goad Germany into declaring war on America by sinking German U-Boats in the North Atlantic, the American Administration had to find another way to drag an isolationist America into the Second World War. Fortunately for President Roosevelt, the Empire of Japan had just declared that they were joining the Axis Powers and had started their Imperial expansions into the Far East and were therefore already at hot war with both the People's Republic of China and the Allies. The American Navy moved to harassing Japanese merchant shipping in the Pacific, using their submarines to sink numerous Japanese fuel tankers. Of course, Japan had to react to this covert act of war, and made plans to attack the Americans. Knowing this, the American Navy moved a proportion of their vessels to Hawaii, and due to their having already broken Japanese codes and cyphers, knew full well that the Japanese were planning to attack Pearl Harbour. All they had to do was make sure that the commanders at Pearl Harbour had no idea that an attack by Japan was coming and to let it happen, and a formerly isolationist America would be braying for blood, thus enabling President Roosevelt to lead America into the Second World War. All of the above was declassified in July 2010 and reported in the New York Times of that month.
1964 AD: The Gulf of Tonkin attack that led to America's involvement in the Vietnam War never actually happened. It was a False Flag in order to get the American People to accept a war in Vietnam. This was declassified in August 2010 and reported in the New York Times of that month.
1969-1996 AD: The Northern Irish Troubles was a Forty Year False Flag operation against the British People by their own government for various geopolitical reasons, not least least of all, the government's desire to lead the British People into the European Union illegally and against their constitution. MI6 ran the Provisional IRA (PIRA) from its inception, using primary assets within the ruling council of the PIRA to conduct the phony, but bloody, war against the British People. One such asset was Martin McGuinness, formerly the Quartermaster of the Bogside Brigade of the PIRA in Londonderry. Meanwhile, MI5 ran the UDA, UVF, and UFF on the other side of the Sectarian Divide. It is believed by the Alternative Intelligence Community that the Real IRA are currently being run by MI5.
1993 AD: The first attack against the World Trade Centre was run by the FBI as a false flag operation. The bomb was cooked by an Arabic Agent under the direct orders of the FBI and handed to the bombers. Fortunately, the bombers did not park their truck bomb right against the wall of the World Trade Centre, thus minimising damage in relation to how much could have been caused if they had actually followed instructions. The Arabic Agent knew that he was being set up and recorded several conversations with FBI agents.
1995 AD: The Oklahoma Bombing could not have been done by a lone bomber with a truck bomb. For a start, they found several explosive devices within the Alfred P. Murrah building after the initial attack which failed to go off. A lone nut could not have managed to plant such sophisticated, military grade, explosives in a government building on his own. There had to be a group of agents with the relevant security clearances to get into the building and rig it with explosives. The truck bomb itself could not have done anywhere near the damage that the actual explosion caused to the building. Local seismic data shows at least three distinct explosions at the Alfred P. Murrah building. Eye witness accounts give witness to strange workmen in the building in the two weeks leading up to the explosion. Eye witnesses also give testimony that Timothy McVeigh was not working alone on that day. Several of the key eye witnesses met with very suspicious ends shortly after the Oklahoma Bombings.
2001 AD: The 9/11 attacks against the United States at the Pentagon and World Trade Centre was a false flag terrorism event by the CIA and Mossad. The body of evidence supporting this is very large indeed, especially with the recent release of 5 tetrabytes of video data from these events by NIST after being sued through an FOIR for it. Testimony on the day from these videos have eye witnesses talking about explosive devices going off throughout the twin towers even before the planes hit, from people inside the buildings at the time, and from First Responders who went in shortly after the planes hit. For further details please refer to my 9/11 Truth section, "Nineteen Eighty-FourRedux: Section One - WAR IS PEACE Part One: The War in Afghanistan", and WhatReallyHappened.com. The reasons for this False Flag Terrorism Event was to drag America into two illegal wars in the Middle East, as well as severely restrict the civil liberties of the American People.
2005 AD: The 7/7 bombings in London was done by MI5 in order to silence the growing public dissent against the United Kingdom's continuing role in the illegal Iraq War. The so called bombers were set up as patsies and the three tube bombers were shot some distance from the sites of the attacks at Canary Wharf by government agents. Here is an account of the actual events of the day by a former MI5 agent. WhatReallyHappened has other evidence of 7/7 being a False Flag Terrorism Event, as does this video.

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You're a moron.

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Antifas are Fascists

anok/anon (You're a moron.) is an Antifa (fascist) troll.

The Antifas defend the US Government's Fairy Tale about the 9/11 attacks, which the US Government used as an excuse to justify the US/NATO War on Terrorism, which is actually a US/NATO/Israeli war of aggression for control of the resource-rich Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.