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It's OVER? & We Are To Be PROUD?

obusha is disgusting.
The nightmare for Iraq is NOT over. I do not want to ever again hear from anyone about why we should vote for republicans or democrats, two corporate parties of war crimes, just itching now for yet another war. Monsters!

hope from outside the box 15.Dec.2011 17:55


Rocky Anderson, former mayor of conservative Salt Lake City, is running for president on The Justice Party. He decries how Obushka has "completely betrayed his base."
In the Internet age where the impossible becomes possible, citizens could vote for The Justice Party just as they can vote on AmericansElect.com.
Economics changes. Once savings was the elixir and then spending. Having the presidency dominated by the Bush family is as bizarre as the financial sector dominating the two parties and Goldman Sachs effectively running the Treasury (and the world) into the ground!
Wrong forever on the throne and truth forever on the scaffold - and yet that scaffold sways the future!

Video: Rocky Anderson and The Justice Party, Obama has completely betrayed the base, 8 min


audio clip - 2008 - millions dead 16.Dec.2011 07:22

joe A

Iraqi Lives - over 1 million lives were exterminated by the US .....from our guns and our commands from our leaders.

SHAME! ... Troops coming home with blood on our hands. SHAME on the US! ~joeanybody


(Jim Lockhart recorded this audio clip back in 3/08)  http://www.politube.org/show/473

Rev. Lennox Yearwood, president of the Hip Hop Caucus, speaking at the Festival for the Future in Portland Oregon on March 4, 2008, an event organized by the Backbone Campaign, www.backbonecampaign.org.

Rev. Yearwood speaks about the loss of 1,000,000 Iraqi lives, the uprooting of another 4 1/2 million and the repercussions this has on the surrounding countries. He talks about our complicity in this and our obligation to step outside our busy lives as students and workers and contribute to stopping this madness.  http://www.politube.org/show/473