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The Future

I just want to point out the fact that a movement has taken shape, but question it's revolutionary potential.
So, just something to keep in mind for the future, when does the "Occupy" movement start to evolve into something more, or maybe not even more but something different? I understand the need for this movement void of any concrete ideologies, but when do we start coming together and throwing out ideas for the future, what we want and what we can accomplish?

This is not meant to instigate anything other than a conversation, or even just something to think about for the future. I for one am someone who cannot stand political dogma, even if in a political world politics and a general knowledge of different ideologies are very important, but it's like someone on this site commented on an article below related to the "Occupy" movement, "you can't be too attached to the name of something."

Ideas around 'Occupy' next steps... 13.Dec.2011 18:33


I'm a supporter and affinity rabble-rouser in solidarity with 'Occupy'...I don't speak for them in any way. Just my own humble opinion here.

My sincere hope is that a wide swath of individual actors and affinity groups take heart and courage from the incredible successes of these initial campaigns, and carry that energy into a thousand different forms of revolutionary mobilization. It has been a particular genius of the Occupiers to mobilize mass protests, yet remain steadfastly leaderless. --to voice a mass grievance on behalf of millions of voiceless people so hopelessly caught up in their own repression, many of them don't even know they're cogs in a world-killing oppression machine.

It's been the job of Occupy to shout 'Wake UP!' ...and it's the ongoing job of everyone to do something, now that the awakening is underway. Don't wait for someone to tell you what that 'something' is. I hope soon we'll stop hearing, "what next for 'Occupy'?" and start hearing 'I'm doing (fill in the blank) in solidarity with Occupy'.

For my own part, I'm aggressively spreading the word; I'm educating people in my private life and in my workplace about the corruption inherent in late-stage capitalism. I'm raising a child with ecological values and social responsibility as primary values. I'm doing art, writing, and reaching out to every person who will engage with me about the importance, and the truth, of what the movement has so far accomplished.

I'm aggitating against money in politics, corporate personhood, anti-science bias, and a number of other issues. I'm giving my time, my voice, and my creative life to the process of creating a sustainable, non-violent, pro-kindness alternative future.

I'm a little too old and a little too chicken to go down and face the batons, but the onus is on each person who cares about having a future marked by something other than greed, repression, and rapacity. We are ALL 'OCCUPY'...we have all moved out of Chapman Square; let's all take on the next challenge in as personal and committed a way as possible. Carry OCCUPY forward; make a mark everywhere you can.