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An Appeal to Reason

Why dance to Soros tunes
Friends, one of your fellows in Oakland commented: "There exists a network of nonprofit organizations through which members of the upper class and hired corporate leaders not yet in the upper class shape policy debates in the United States." This is part of his thesis that your votes do not count. That your political organizing in without purpose. And thus, it is right to revolt. Are you in revolt or simply revolting?

I guess George Soros financed foundations only influence from the BOTTOM UP. A cool 26 million to the TIDES Foundation is money well spent to influence the Occupy movement.

I wonder if port closures damage longshore labor wages? Who benefits from longshoremen not being paid? It is my opinion that these tactics supported by Soros are designed to maximize the painful transition of these United States to Fascism. Protests are costing cash strapped cities monies that need not go to police but to people. Mere anarchy doesn't hurt the 1%; and it encourages draconian police state legislation being used.

The middle path would be to politically organize and not politically polarize. Community currency is the best tool to use for political organizing. Refusal to pay income tax is another. Boycotts are also effective. However above all else, feeding and sheltering people is a better use of time and money than allowing it to be spent on REPRESSION.

The class of 1% people laugh. The smarter ones know they paid for your antics. The dumber ones merely respond tit for tat. If history is any guide, recall that the Bolshevik revolution in Russia did not spring from soil but was financed by German bankers. Think about the money for the American Left, where does this Fondation money come from?

Questionsquestions.net has a flyer on the alternative Media funding from the same far right you oppose. The flyer is found under alternative Media Censorship.