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The Earth Is Not Flat...

Six hundred years ago, if you had tried to tell someone that the Earth was round, you would have been laughed-at and ridiculed, and if you persisted on this line, likely called "crazy"...

...Today in the west, we find a general attitude and belief about man that not only overlooks, but actively denies his true spiritual essence and nature, and the accompanying observed phenomena related to same.

Nowadays in the west, deeply entrenched in a dogmatic materialistic viewpoint of life, if you try to speak of man's true spiritual nature and past lives, you are often laughed at and ridiculed, and if you persist on this line, are sometimes called "crazy" as well.

And yet in many other cultures existing right now in present time, the fact of previous lifetimes and reincarnation is well-known and accepted throughout their society. Buddhists for example, numbering half a billion to a billion; Hindus, numbering well over a billion; Sikhs, over 26 million; and many, many others.

Most Native American cultures were also very spiritually oriented before the invasion of materialism from Europe, and many still retain, to this day, much of their older, spiritually-oriented wisdom...

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David Griffin is the author of Revelation: A Briefing for The Peoples of Earth at: