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Video: Port Blockade at 6:15 PM Occupy Portland

A 5 minute clip from the Schnitzer Terminal Port blockade on Monday night in Portland at the Occupy the Ports Blockade. I also attached 1 minute cell phone video clip of the robo cops driving by.
This is part one, taken from about about 2 hours of footage from Monday nights blockade.

6:15 PM West Coast Port Blockade Occupy Portland - Schnitzer Terminal. Part 1.

3 gates were blocked when I was there, with over 100 at each one.

At the Schnitzer Terminal gate ...I seen about a 1/2 dozen trucks being told the gate was blocked and there was no entrance alowed.

Heard of one car w/ angry driver [before I arrived} that drove right / up-to the protesters line trying to push through.

And seen another case, where a small pickup drove wild and crazy swerving at the protest line, a cop then chased after the pickup as the crowd all yelled out to get him.

Seen two Riot Police vehicles drive by a coupe times, they didn't stop when I was there.

Here is the short cell phone clip of robo cops driving by. Joe Anybody 6:49 PM Portland Port Blockade - Riot Police drives by

homepage: homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com

Video: Part 2. from the Portland Port Blockade 7PM - 12/12/11 14.Dec.2011 07:39

Joe Anybody iam@joeanybody.com

Video: Part two from around 7:00 PM on the 12/12/11 at the West Coast Port Blockade is here:
Occupy Portland Port Blockade West Coast. Part 2 of 3 on 12.12.11 - Gate 5
(15 minute video)

Part 3 will be posted here later today.

Video 3 of 3 - from Port Blockade 14.Dec.2011 18:16

Joe Anybody