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Labor Victory Anniversary: Celebrate and Educate!

Join the IWW on Friday, Dec. 16th in front of the Starbucks on 102 and NE Halsey. We will be celebrating a victory for labor from 9-11am with songs and chants, and the story of Hannah and her lawsuit with Starbucks. Help spread the word: know your rights!
Celebrate and educate from 9-11am
on Friday, December 16th.
AT STARBUCKS: 102 & NE Halsey.

It's been one year since Hannah was fired from Starbucks and denied unemployment. Hannah filed an Unfair Labor Practice Lawsuit which was determined to have merit and sufficient evidence of a WRONGLY TERMINATED EMPLOYEE. She settled out of court, which meant that the consorted activity charge was dropped, and that Starbucks was no longer required to post the charges in stores.


Hannah had voiced concern that the First Aid kit did not have its mandatory bandages and that fellow coworkers were not receiving proper legally required breaks. She had been working for Starbucks for five years as a "Shift Lead," in a role that supervised Health and Safety Standards.

On December 15th, 2010, with no prior verbal or written warning, Hannah was pulled aside by her manager, told she was being investigated for "fraud" and suspended "until further notice." She was fired BY TELEPHONE the next day and told to call 1-800-STARBUC if she had questions.

JOIN US in front of the Starbucks where Hannah worked to let everyone know what happened, and that it is LEGAL to discuss workplace issues with coworkers.

* Know your rights! Know what to do and who to contact when you are bullied!*