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kelley point park meetup location

buses are taking me forever though I left at 515 am. Looks like I'll miss the meetup, maybe the first shift entry. Where are the gates that are being blocked?

7201 N Marine Dr 12.Dec.2011 07:27

is the address given

For the Port of Portland (off google maps) - Kelley Point Park is a little way north/west of this entrance, if the bus goes along Marine Dr... As I recall there's a bus stop at the parking lot on the north (right) side of Marine Drive just north/west of the gates, so when you see all the people on the right, you can get off just after that and walk back a short distance to join the picket.
[If the bus is going by way of Lombard, the port entrance is a little way past (south and east of) Kelley Point Park.]

twitter 12.Dec.2011 07:31


7:30 AM

The port is in North Portland. Requesting you bring bike if you can. shutdowntheport.com #occupyportland
2 minutes ago

Hundreds of people at terminal 6. Riot cops at terminal 5 where about 100 people stand along w bike swarm PDX! #occupyportland
8 minutes ago

"Target 1% where they make their $$$." "No more sending jobs overseas" "No more WTO goods" "No exportation of US natural resources" #OPdx
10 minutes ago

#occupyportland shut down the Port of Portland. 1st picket started at 6am & 2nd shift of picket starts at 4pm (meeting at Kelly Point Park)
13 minutes ago

From the Port: The first leg is shut down. Workers sent home. "Power to the people!" #occupyportland
21 minutes ago

Kelly point is open, the rumor of it being closed is all untrue! #occupyportland
24 minutes ago

map pic of Terms 5 and 6 12.Dec.2011 07:43


term 5 and term 6 - map of Kelly point area

5 on left 12.Dec.2011 08:30

Term 6 on right

# 5 terminal is on the left side when you look at the posted map above

D12 blog w updates - from the protest 12.Dec.2011 08:46



Blog w/ pictures and updates from Portland West Coast Blockade on 12/12/11

4pm 12.Dec.2011 09:44

shift change

Come to Kelley Point Park at 4pm to close down the port for the second shift.

PIMC breaking news from this morning at PORT BLOCKADE 12.Dec.2011 12:24


breaking news - December 12
11:28AM: Livestream: 11:25AM protesters sitting in front of gate Term 6. Truck w/ food for workers inside, needs to get through. Discussion to let 1 truck tru

11:23AM: 16 police on bikes leaving(?) shift ch. at Term 6 w/hundred+ protesters. 1/2 doz Cops in cars arriving putting helmets on?

11:14AM: Livestream: protesters say: longshoremen are getting paid / truckers not

11:11AM: Livestream: Lots of bike police at Term 6 - Request to bring food & coffee to share

11:04AM: @OccupyOregon 10:58AM PDX Police have stopped the #Occupy shuttle van.

10:54AM: Port spokesman Josh Thomas said longshore workers at PDX terminals 5 and 6 were told to stay home w/ no pay

10:41AM: Regroup at 3:30pm for spokes council at Kelley Point Park. Afternoon shifts start at 4pm. link to Map on PIMC

10:39AM: XpressNews: Twitter: 10:29AM Port of Oakland is now officially shut down.

10:34AM: @OWS_Live: 9:30AM Confirmed reports that 5+ of our NY media team have been arrested so far. Everyone w/ a camera being targeted.

10:33AM: OccupyOregon: All ports are closed except one with 10 workers on the clock. Most workers stayed home to respect the #PortShutdown

bucket head 12.Dec.2011 13:20



(quote) .....They successfully diverted one train, which upon hearing of the protesters, reversed and was taken off course. A truck was also successfully stopped from crossing the tracks. But then, a front-loader operator from Millbank Material USA decided to take matters into his own hands and rolled up to the protesters in his gigantic beast of a truck. Police watched and reported on the scanner that the loader was rolling towards the protesters. They stepped aside to let him through. He lowered the bucket down, inches away from crushing the protesters' skulls and legs. Another worker cheered the driver on from the background, "Run the motherf***ers over!" The protesters remained steadfast in their resistance. They were not going to move.

Upon witnessing this, a larger group of protesters ran over to to driver and screamed at him to stop, which he did.

Police monitering the scene reported on the radio that they spoke with the operator and that he claimed that his bucket was broken. Another police officer replied that he'd seen him operating it a little earlier with no problems.

The manager of Millbank Material USA forced the operator to come out and apologize. The conversation that followed is paraphrased below.

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