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The ongoing march towards war

Despite all the noisy rhetoric and accusations, what is really going on behind the scenes is pushing the world ever closer to World War III
About two weeks ago, there was a commentary published on the Globe and Mail entitled 'Why everybody except Iran can have nuclear weapons' ( link to www.theglobeandmail.com) wherein the author was discussing the absurdity of the U.S. and Israeli accusations when both have many thousands of nuclear warheads between them, more than enough to destroy the planet and everyone on it, several times over.

On November 13th, 2011, the Daily Mail reported that:

"There are currently 5,113 atomic warheads scattered across America and on U.S. submarines around the world."
 link to www.dailymail.co.uk


Five months earlier, Democracy Now! aired a report on the quiet build-up of our capacity to produce new nuclear weapons:

Obama Quietly Pushes for a Nuclear Weapons Renaissance

28 June, 2011


GREG MELLO: Well, an unprecedented level of increased spending on new factories for nuclear weapons, on upgrades to existing nuclear weapons, changes to the stockpile. There's a sense that if we don't spend money—in the White House, there's a sense that if we don't spend a lot of money on these things, that we'll somehow fall behind the Russians. It's really like a mini Cold War—quiet, in the background, but there's a lot of money involved.

AMY GOODMAN: How is President Obama justifying this with dealing with the deficit and everything else in this country?

GREG MELLO: Well, for the most part, he's not having to do that. The Democrats are largely silent and supportive of Obama...


And from another article published in July:

Concerns rising over US plans to build massive plutonium bomb factory in Los Alamos

04 Jul, 2011

Experts are warning about the U.S. plans to build a massive plutonium bomb factory in the Los Alamos nuclear plant in New Mexico.

"They are proposing to build this new facility to make the plutonium production for weapons production four times their current capacity of 20 pits per year,"


It would seem that despite all the noisy and self-righteous protestations and accusations, secretly, behind the scenes, there is quite another reality at work.

On that Globe and Mail article from two weeks ago, I posted the following comment:


Upward Vector
12:42 PM on November 26, 2011

In your article you stated: "all Americans, regardless of level of ignorance, consider the Iranian government to be a menace to civilization."

Fortunately, that is a false generality.

I am certainly not ignorant of the moves currently being made on the planetary game board, nor am I ignorant of the reasons for them.

With a slightly wider view, one can see that the current program involving a series of provocations against Iran is reminiscent of the one developed by Lieutenant Commander Arthur McCollum of the ONI, back in 1940 against Japan.

The goal of course, was to continually needle Japan (including economic and trade sanctions, freezing their assets, closing the Panama Canal to them, etc.) until they attacked in-retaliation and utilized (as expected and called-for in the Plan developed by McCollum) Fleet Problem 13 as identified by Admiral Harry E. Yarnell back in 1932 during naval war-game exercises.

No, I'm afraid we've been down this road before, and I know exactly where it leads; and I have a feeling a few others do as well.


In the past few days, more evidence of this provocation plan was shown on Iranian television when they displayed a captured U.S. surveillance drone:


Many of those in Washington, responsible for pushing us to the brink of World War III, do not have as much to worry about as the rest of us though...

Thanks to the COG (Continuity Of Government) programs and the hundreds of self-contained and protected underground bunkers hidden away in various places, you'll be happy to know that while the rest of us who protested and spoke out against the war and against this madness and those who followed their destructive orders are dying slow painful deaths from radiation exposure or biological weapons, our cherished "leaders", the ones responsible for manipulating this horrific crime plan to be sitting out the war in their well-stocked and cozy bunkers, watching it all in living-color on closed-circuit monitors.

Yes, according to their plans, billions of us must die and they, a tiny, select handful will survive so that they may emerge from the burned-out rubble, victorious, and carry forward the very best of humanity.

David Griffin is the author of Revelation: A Briefing for The Peoples of Earth at:

homepage: homepage: http://www.upwardvectorpubs.com