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Tomorrow's Show

This is a link to the NASA Javascript Lunar Eclipse Explorer page.
Recommend selecting the United States (extended version) geographical area link to view the chart of the times of each stage. Simply choose 'Portland' in Section 1, Section 2 can be ignored as this will be a full eclipse here, and in Section 3 choose the century 2001-2100. The chart will appear below, and read the times for Dec 10, 2011.

The weather may be iffy, patchy fog and increasing clouds in some areas. Cool and clear would be better, but where do we live? One might want to try to get above the lights, if possible, or away, if one can, but get outside for a bit and enjoy what can be had for free. Try to forget the science, think of your ancestors while you watch the show, and make a connection to the time when we actually were able to view life without some connection to electronic technology. Remember, we've been able to accurately predict eclipses for many millenia, well before mechanical clocks and GMT. Cop some kind of buzz if you must. I'm pretty sure your great-great-great whatever did that, too.

The info can be had elsewhere, if you don't care for to visit a government page, but we pay for it, don't we? At least there's no advertising, no google, no doubleclick, no facebook link (yet). (Personally, I'm so sick of facebook and their overrated impact. It's all monitored in some manner or another, so one may as well not have to deal with that piece of shit bunch. I did notice that the National Weather Service now has a facebook link...How sick is that?)


I am truly sorry if you feel this post is frivolous, and, hell, I really didn't know what to choose for a topic. I am a lunatic, though, so what is there will have to do. Please, weather and personal circumstance permitting, connect and enjoy.