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Update on EMF/Microwave Weapons

Update on EMF/Microwave Weapons. Electronic Harassment Linked Directly to Reported Bi-Polar Disorder. Sacramento, Ca
FOIA Bio Weapon PDF Update
FOIA Bio Weapon PDF Update

Please Read PDF with Annotations if it will Load.

Thank You, Tracy Mapes

Take Care

phone: phone: None

Additional Info to Follow 13.Dec.2011 01:59

Tracy Mapes

Dear Sir,

And Other Readers,

I'm not here to seek proof of, or evidence for any prosecution under any Law. I'm here to Warn Others of the Present Day capabilities I've experienced first hand, so that if One encounters the same type of activity, they will be briefed before that occurrence.

*Psychological Warfare Capabilities - Effects and Analysis - Cont.

A Warning.

This will be information that sounds so crazy, you be crazy not to believe that it is bullshit, and a complete fool when you realize that the capability exists and I.T. invades your own Life. So I will cover the Subject Matter as briefly and Objectively as a can as a real time Observer. P.S. - This Section has nothing to do with the Generalized Overtone generated through the Power Grid, but is more closely related to EMF/IR Auditory Based Directed Energy Weapons.


Bi-Polar Disorder.

I the Year 2008, After already having the better part of the financial mechanisms of my life, systematically disassembled, I found myself homeless and living in my truck. My Sister invited me to stay with her at an Apartment, which, strangely was at the exact location of a Fatal Officer Involved Police Incident I had provided Videotape of to the local TV News Outlets.

Citation: The Death of Albert Theil: 1997, who died in Police Custody after a High Speed Pursuit involving a Stolen Vehicle.


That as a Side Note, I will begin my story.

While I was in residence, my Sister behaved in a perfectly normal, functioning manner while continuing to maintain her Pool Service Enterprise. Over the course of the next Year, I saw her devolve quite systematically and rapidly.

First came Sleep, Deprivation. She was up all the time, Day and Night. I knew someone was fucking with her head, and in this initial Period of which lasted about 8 Days Exactly, I too recognized the patterns of Disrupted Sleep I had endured at my Residence at 2745 Pope Ave, in Sacramento, Ca, proir to my Homeless situation.

After that 8th Day of Sleep Deprivation, my Sister bacame quite erratic in her Behavior, and She became involved in lengthy, and drawn out Conversations with seemingly Herself ...at first.

But? ... I.T. Became quite obvious She was in fact having real time Communications with Actors outside of the Residence. This was EMF/IR induced, and while the Content of the Communications made the People She was talking to seem like they were Her friends, I.T. was quite obvious from Her actions that they were not.

I.E. - Creating non-sensical pyres of Various Objects, almost like something you might find Satanic Rituals, and having the sudden desire to destroy or throw away any Item made of Plastic in the entire House. Cups, Utensiles, Plastic Containers, anything with Plastic was in the Dumpster.

Even though, the Conversations She had were *S.O. Detailed, that the information she was responding to had to be a Q&A from an outside source, I bought into the notion that "She must just be Crazy!", and had just spun a Bearing.

It was the most Torturous Downfall I had ever witnessed and exofacto, I was somewhat complicit, in the fact that I couldn't identify the cause.


In the Conversations She had, the People would convince her that She was to be rescued Over and Over again. Either a new place to stay, or some fantastic Job Opportunity. All used to break her down and demoralize Her. I Saw Her pack all of Her belongings out to the Curbside of the Main Road in boxes and sit and wait for Her rescuers to Arrive.

I would go out and Check on Her from time to time, to make sure she was not having a confrontation with some passerby, or just for GP. This would be at 3AM in the Morning at 32, and She would eventually return to the apartment at around 6AM in the Morning, and repeat the Ritual the next night.


This is in the Same Time Period in which I reported on Portland Indy Media, that I had encountered the Use of EMF/Microwave Weapons used against Myself on at least 3 different locations in the Sacramento Area.

In the Year 2010, I found One of the Perpetrator's Vehicles in the Use of those EMF/Weapons in Photographs I had taken in 2006 of the Air National Guard Base I had discovered as the most likely cause of the Disruption of My Cellular Phone in 2006. I found out some time later that this National Guard Facilty was home to the 162nd Combat Communication Group, which by their own website's admission, handles 10% of Military Communications in the Continental Unted States.

Citation: Air National Guard 2006-2010

Citation: Cellphone Disruption 2006

Citation: Confirmation Date Photos Taken 2006


Jump to Present Day, 2011.

Approximately One Week Prior to Halloween, October 31, 2001, I became what I would describe as quite dilerious and "Giddy" And, was staying in my room for hours on end, and seeming to have conversations with another Person. In that conversation, which included the reference to 20% Timothy Leary, I could only assume that I was Drugged with some Hallucinagenic.

The Communications were also reference in Conversation as IR (Infra-Red) and Microwave. While I had never experienced Audible Speech, I had known for some time before this I had been Targeted with localized Microwave Harassment, and had experienced Ear Aches, Head Aches, And the Disruption of Sleep and on Occasion Intestinal and Digestive Anamolies related to this Residence at 7752 Ziebell Ct. in Citrus Heights, Ca.


Major Effects and Capabilities


They Can - Do The Following:

1. Manually Control Human Body Motor Functions

I.E. - Gesticulations with Hands, Feet, Etc.

A Good Example would be Baseball/or Football Signals.

They use Signals like:

Two Strokes Alongside the Nose - To Mean: "Knows Too"

Stroke of Finger Under the Nose - To Mean: "Right Under Our Nose"

Stroke of the Eye Brow - To Denote: "I Browse" - As In - "Browse the Web"


*They Can make You Count, by having You Pinch Various Parts of Your Body, including Your Arms, Legs, Penis/ or Gentitalia, and or Face.

*They Can Hypnotically Suggest at the Subconscious Level that You Perform, Say, or Discuss specific topics.

*They Can make You Perform or Display differing Ranges of Emotion, I.E. Anger, Sad, Depressed, or Giddy.

*They Can - Subliminally play Songs or Music, and You will find yourself Humming or Singing a Different Tune.

*They Can - Sexually Arouse You - Via Sumblinal EMF/IR Frequency, a subsequently entice or encourage you into Masturbation. As Best I can Decern this Activity, They are using it as a "Brain Pleasue Center Reward System" for Information as They Interrogate You for any Memory You might contain either Consciously or Sub-Consciously.

*They Have such a Deep Level of Internal Motor Function Control, You would swear that they had Split your internal Electronics of Thought Process with One or More Persons.

Reaction to Your Own Comments and or Activities will be S.O. Instantaneous, You might believe that they could see Through Your Own Eyes.


But I am quite sure They are only an Outside Source, because they do not contain the Same Knowlege Base as the Target Subject. I have tested their knowlege on Several Subject Matters, and they seem to get pissed, happy, or sad based on Your Own Input.

One of the Tests I conducted Police Codes, of which I am familiar from my time I was self employed as a freelance news stringer. When they could not confirm a widely used Code used almost universally across all platforms of local Law Enforcement/Fire Dept. and EMT Services, I Knew this particulaer group was none of the Above.

The Military, DARPA, and Local Media are Referenecd All the Time.

Sometimes, They will Subliminally Suggest Words or Other Content, and My Brain is Able to translate I.T. from the Sub-Conscious to the Conscious Level. They will respond that I have guess the correct choice
in what They are asking about by A. Shaking My Own Head Yes or No. Or ...By Using a Pinch of the Body in Helping You to make a Choice of things that You may have guess to be the correct Subject Matter.

I.E. - One Pinch for Choice 1, Two Pinches for Choice 2, Etc.


They seem to Center Most of their Conversations around the Media List of People I produced that has Several Individuals on it that I knew on the Street in the Late 1908's and Early 1990's that had been seen in the Sacramento Area, with which I had been involved in both Prostitution and Smalltime Narcotics Sales.

Those Persons are still Employed at Various Media, Television, News, Entertainment and Political Venues, As Note in the Follwing List.


The List is extensive, but far from complete.

"They" the EMF?Microwave Harassers, and "Including Media", Local and National TV News Organizations, aware of the List, Use both The List and The Dictionary to "Two-Talk" about the Situation.

Using Hand Gestures, Inflected Speech, and Imagery in News Story Backgrounds to convey the Gravity of the Situation.


Many of these News People are just as upset if not more so than I am, about Our Nations uncertain State of Affairs. Many are loyalists to the System do to the fact that is their financial reward. Other's realize that they are Victims and Have Been Duped into a Life of Executive Prostitution and Slavery.

In General? ...I would Consider Most of Them Victims. And Have Them and Others that were "Two-Talking" Having the Voice and Message of a Handler or Other Supervisor Speaking Through Their Person.

This Includes My Cousin who is placed at #6 on the List. It also Includes My Brother In-Law who is a Sacramento County Sheriff's Dept. Employee at the Jail. The Former Sheriff of Sacramento, County, and The Owner of the House I currently reside.

In the last 10 Years there seems to have been a Sinificant Degradation of Our Community and it all seems to point in the Direction of Military and Defense Industry Interests in what was once a thriving Military Town. Housing Various Factions of 3 Major Military Installations, Aerojet, McDonnel Douglas and other Security Based Industries.

There has also been significant allusion toward White Power, the Ayran Brotherhood, Prisons, White Powder/Meth thrown into the mix. And if we look at where Our Media Subject were gleaned from, We can see Why. Narcotics and the Instant Wealth they provide along with the Girls are the Perfect Control Feature to manipulate just about are Human Subject through coercion, blackmail or vice.


Here are a few Samples of Using the Media List and a Dictionary as a Code Key.


I am a Very Shy Person. After the Timothy Leary experience, a little over a Month Ago, I became very talkative and Would Verbalize responses to They're subliminal Questioning via EMF/IR Almost instantaneously. So, in my best guess, They Hypnotically suggested that it was OK to Verbalize anything I cared to share.

I've curbed the Speaking Engagements to near 100%, but They are always present for Comment or rebuttal to any activities I may carry out through the Day. The reasoning I believe some of the Programming may be software based is one of them mentioned it. Similar to a Computer Bot Program that would entice an automated response to a particular feeling of Humor, or Surprise. An Induced physical reaction to external environmental input to the Brain. They Can also invoke laughter through the Suggestion of any Person they Know You've had Contact with, family Members and the like. I assume they are Hypnotically Suggesting that you Speak in/or Laugh in the Other Subjects Voice as You would Remember it.

I Spent One entire Day speaking of everything like I was Jesse Jackson, and while I a a Humorist, I don't believe I would ever choose to speak in another's voice for an extended Period of Time. Another Voice I spoke in reminded me of Kevin Costner in a Movie wear he Played a Louisiana Lawyer. That is not a Voice I would choose for a Comedy Routine.

I Just found the Film. It was JFK, and Kevin Costner's portrayal of Jim Garrison.

This is a Serious Depth of Bullshit Friends.

Other Parties Flagged by Media Friends from the Past include:

The Church of Scientology
Naval Seals - Psychological Warfare Special Operations
Xe-9 , A Contingent of Blackwater Industries

and DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency

I Believe a Number of Those may be just a Ruse to Shift Blame? Who the Fuck Knows?

I Know if I go Out and About, I get a Free United States Marine Escort.


Take Care,

Tracy Mapes
U.S. Marine Surveillance Escort - Year 2008
U.S. Marine Surveillance Escort - Year 2008