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Audio: Rev. Billy Speaking To Occupy Portland

Reverend Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping is visiting Occupy Portland as one of 9 cities in 9 day tour.

Audio of his December 8th visit:

Reverend Billy spoke of the dynamics and future of the Occupy Wall Street Movement, how we all must become more creative in order to further the Movement and capture the imagination of the public.

It was too dark for decent video, so here is the audio from the camcorder..........

Audio:  http://www.politube.org/show/331

Link to Occupy Portland about Rev. Billy


OOOPSSS! 08.Dec.2011 22:49

Jim videoactivepdx@gmail.com

That was the wrong link...

Right Link..........


dot org - not dot com 08.Dec.2011 23:52

three 3's not two 3's

--> here is the link  http://www.politube.org/show/3331 <-- correct link to audio track ;-]

fqvVDHEPpxMywTXsKO 21.May.2014 19:50

IuIGbBjfFgnXa sbdh47tf@hotmail.com