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Close the Ports!

Close the Ports this Monday!

Meet up at 6am at Kelley Point Park. The #16 goes straight there. Stop the first shift, which starts at 8am. Meet up again at 4pm to stop the evening shift, which starts at 6pm. Workers show up half an hour before shifts start.

There will be meet up points for folks to car pool and catch buses from SE and NE. Also, bike swarms leaving at 2pm from all sectors of Portland. Check the shutdowntheport website for details. We need numbers! Come out!

UPDATE: On Friday, 12/9, at 11 AM, Organizers will be hosting a press conference in front of the World Trade Center at SW 2nd Avenue and Salmon Street in downtown Portland. Workers, veterans, occupiers, and other community members will speak out about shutting down Wall Street on the Waterfront. For more information, please contact Kari at 503-567-8694.

occupy the ports!
occupy the ports!
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