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Newly Squatted Park In Santa Cruz Gets Bulldozed

Friends, neighbors, and comrades gathered early in the morning on Saturday, December 3rd to transform a vacant lot on the south-end of Santa Cruz's main street into a vibrant community park. Folks worked throughout the day breaking up hunks of concrete, created five large raised garden beds (with plans for three more), filled them with soil, and planted dozens of plants. Curious people passed by asked questions, offered up complements, and even joined in. By the end of the day, approximately 40-50 people had helped in creating North America's newest squatted park. At the end of the day, a statement was released. It described the process of construction and explained the motivations behind it.

On Monday morning, a worker from Datum Construction came across the street into SubRosa (the anarchist infoshop) to say that if they knew the gardeners, let them know they only had a few hours to remove the plants before he bulldozed the newly erected park. He said he "didn't want to be the bad-guy," but he had orders from Datum Construction HQ to destroy the park.
santa cruz squatted park
santa cruz squatted park
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