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Anarchist spaces

Anarchy is already here!
The 'State' despite its apparent might does not have much control over its subjected territories. However, at the same time, it does: because of the propagandizing effects of media and social conditioning, most social space is occupied by citizen-subjects whose general loyalty to the state is secured. In that sense the citizens act as individual proxies to state authority, and they reproduce its legitimacy in a variety of ways, often through the regurgitation of linguistic as well as emotional propaganda. But the complexity of social life entails that not only does political conditioning get processed differently throughout society, but that its propaganda becomes diluted, broken down, rejected, and even transformed into propaganda that works directly against the state. The concrete reality of the state is a limited body, an apparatus, that permeates society but is not spread over it. The latent anarchist spaces in social territory oppose this body, but are also conditioned to collaborate with it. The state is perceived as a paternal steward of society and loyalty to its activity only dries up when this idea loses its ability to deceive people of its illusory nature. The state wields social power as if it rested on a solid foundation, however its only foundation is that of a conditioned consent, which means only a false and derived consent. Wherever the state lacks presence as a legitimate power, anarchist space gains more potency and fills the holes of the insubstantial state structure of society.