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Global Revolution Sparks!

Protests in Russia over rigged elections. Protests in Greece Renew. Occupy stages second campaign in broad move.
Global Revolution sparks!
News Briefing -
Occupy takes their second effective stage of their campaign to the homes of America. In a wise move where one head is cut off, three more appear. Occupy homes confounds the state as warrants may become nessacary and targets become hardened, dispersed, comfortable, and discreet. Increadibly wise, Occupy builds confidence and allies housing Americas populace in a move the State should have done, had they given two-bits about the welfare of the Governed. Instead funding banks which were desgined to fail, creating a money funnel for the wealthy; a desperate last ditch attempt to siphon as much wealth out of the country as possible before it collapses. Anticipating national collapse furthur money and legislation is poured into anti-riot measures for the already built 'refugee' camps.

In other news Obama declares the official return and short-sighted triumph of National Socialism in his New Nationalism campaign. National Socialism last championed by Adolf Hitler as a shiny distraction promising the working class his support and full employment; while he slaughtered indescriminatly in a quest for global domination. Cleaverly disguised again as a working man's best friend, while Obama wages wars where he cannot triumph through World Trade Fiat, he and the State Department parade out bullshit rhetoric about New Nationalism. Nationalism being the sickness Fascism brings.

The State Department a day after the UN admonished the USA for Human Rights abuses, torturing and killing 'enemy combantants' and denying rights people were sentanced to death in Nurenburg for: Flooded the state media with stories decrying countries with laws against Queers, and a day later women. Rights which have little to no bearing when queers, men & women can be 'extraordinarily renditioned' (aka turned into sausage over seas) without trial, or notice, or warrent. Including now US citizens. Clever move State Dept. too bad all your wins are taken by owning the shot clock.

The USA responded [apparently the UN didn't notice, we sent them a letter essentially telling them to go f' themselves.] The UN pretended not to notice the crude letter and issued a warning anyway. Go UN!

Protests begain in Russia against a crooked electoral system, where voters there, much like in the US are disenfranchised by having the ballots stuffed in states like Ohio and Florida. You don't have to outrun the bear as the old joke goes. Nor do you have to rig every election everywhere. Just enough in key places to make it count.

Like a grease fire in Greece protests just won't stop, begenning again renewed against the same global system.

Meanwhile America rages on. Occupy is the vangaurd of Liberty for the world; many students in Europe, especially places like Denmark are still wholly unaware of the Global Fat Cat Hoodwink Conspiricy to control all workers of the world, while making everyone not a member of the ruling class, their worker.

Occupy Homes is the next big step making allies and putting their 'money where their mouth is'. Housing those who NEVER thought the protesters would speak for them, or do anything constructive/effective Occupy Homes becomes a raging phenom. The state scrambles and scratches their heads not knowing what to do next. For where they cleared one camp, the camp multiplies and takes over homes. Lacking the resources to effectively compat this new front, spreading them thin, the 99% earns their name. The Global Revolution is Sparked!

This is Feral, in Exile.