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Yeah, HOW About that Electromagnetic Radiation?

Evidence, people?
I am of the general belief that radiation is dangerous. Doctors acknowledge this - but trivialize it also. Lots of money to be made with these technologies. TO convince anybody else that this shit is dangerous, let's hear some evidence. People keep posting stuff about wifi/phones and such that has only propaganda quality. YOU ARE MAKING THIS LOOK LIKE A JOKE. GIVE EVIDENCE, LINKS TO STUDIES.

Realism Matters 07.Dec.2011 18:30


As a retired electrical engineer who has also studied a fair amount of biology, let me say a word or two. I have done all kinds of electronics, from gamma ray generators to medical instrumentation. I have often found myself in rooms with all kinds of EMR (electromagnetic "radiation") countless times EMR that I could actually "see" with oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers. We always wondered if it was bad for us. Here is the bottom line:

Forget "studies," which are almost inevitably contradicted by later "studies." The EMR from most home transmitters, such as wireless phones, and probably most WIFI computer modems, is very weak. Digital pulsed signals that these may produce are very likely to have temporarily negative affects on neurological systems, relative to narrow band normal EMR. But that's no biggie.

Three things I stay away from are cell phones, cell towers, and (by taking precautions) microwave ovens. When cell phones are far from any towers, they crank up their nearly-microwave output to very high levels. Last I heard, these could put out nine Watts. So I do not use them. You can use microwave ovens so long as you stay about 30 feet from them while they are running. At least that's what I do. Beyond that, don't worry too much. There are many bigger things to worry about.