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The Revolution of the Middle Class

It is their time

Democratic Socialism

I am not a member of the middle class. I belong to the lowest rung of the lowest working class, which means that I am just one rung up the ladder above those who are completely ruined by capitalism. The next level below mine is where you find those who are devastated and completely wrecked by capitalism. For this reason I do not identify with a middle class revolutionary and instead my political philosophy could be described as 'Democratic Socialism'.

Now let us compare 'Democratic Socialism' to 'Fascist Capitalism', for these two forms are in opposition to one another, for the one form is based upon 'total democracy', which includes that all important missing element of economic democracy, while the other, capitalism, is based upon the Fuehrer principle and is then made manifest as economic tyrannical fascism whereby the economic life of the planet is lorded over by those Napoleons of the board room, the capitalists, who are the bosses, and for whom everyone else on the planet is an employee who follows orders because they have to follow orders because the boss told them what to do.

Now let's suppose a decision had to be made as to whether or not to shut down a rubber band factory in Texas, because those Americans were just to damned expensive, what with their benefits and pensions and all the rest of their incessant demands, and that for these reasons it would be best to make more profits and really sock away that money by moving that rubber band factory to some backwards run down poor country where human beings are so desperate to escape from poverty that would agree to make rubber bands for nickels and dimes, while also working 12 hour days six days a week, without overtime or benefits or pensions. About the only reason why anyone would consider such blatant exploitation is that it would be more profitable for obvious reasons.

Under 'Democratic Socialism' it would be required that we put this decision to the vote, and it seems unlikely that the average American would then agree to slit their own throat and do the Kamikaze, and for that reason the idea would most likely be voted down in a free and fair economic election. Under Capitalism, let us assume that one day Napoleon, the economic despot, woke up one morning, and just on a personal whim, decided to shut down a rubber band factory, for no other reason than that he just decided that he was tired of the rubber band business, or maybe he just felt like doing it. You might want to ask him for his reasons for doing so, and being the Fuehrer, he might tell you to mind your own business.

There are those who might wish to suggest that we attempt to reconcile fascism and democracy, the perennial problem which has haunted the planet ever since the time of that First American Revolution, and that we might do so by regulating that little Caesar of the boardroom. Now let us assume that one regulation followed another, until the time came that the capitalist, have been subjected to 'democratic control' by means of 'legislated regulations' , this having reached such a point that the capitalist would wake up the morning and check his to do list for that, where there would be an itemized agenda saying do this and don't do that, at which time, like a hired clerk, a mere employee, that capitalist would then spend the remainder of that day doing just what he was told. What has been revealed is that the capitalist was just some redundant filth wheel of the global economy and his only really unique service consisted of cashing cheques. It is for this reason that capitalists are so hostile to regulations, for it turns out that we can manage just fine without capitalists, and that capitalists would rather that we did not manage on our own because then that would mean that capitalists would no longer be able to cash all those cheques.

The Great Crash

And we all know just how much capitalists love cashing cheques. They love getting a nice new cheque more than they love anything else in the world. Cheque cashing is the raison d'etre of the capitalist.

It is worth noting that for close to thirty years, and continuing uninterrupted over the last few years, the 'super rich one percent,' the capitalist ruling class, those Napoleons, the Mussolini of the boardroom, have just been socking those big fat cheques away, increasing their share of world's wealth by double digit percentages, year after year. Life remains quite good for some people. They have piled up a percentage of the wealth of this planet that is unprecedented in the history of that capitalist system, the social inequality today being even more extreme than the polarization that was present before the last great crash in 1929.

I am surprised that we have managed to hold things together on this planet for as long as we have, for it is quite obvious that we are all heading towards another great crash of the global capitalist economy, and as present trends continue this must occur, for now it is only a matter of time. As the super rich continue to sock it away, hogging 40 percent of the world's wealth, and then 41 percent, and then 42 percent, at some point the foundations of the economy will be so seriously undermined that people will no longer go shopping, and since shopping constitutes about 70 percent of the economy under capitalism, the system will become unstable and top heavy, and will topple over and crash yet again, just as it has done so many times before all throughout the history of that capitalist system. That crash of 1929 is just the one example of that sort of thing that people remember, and they seem to be less familiar with the multiple repeated great depressions that devastated capitalism in the 1800s.

It is also interesting to note the role played by capitalist politicians in destroying the global economy by bringing the roof crashing down on everyone's head, for the boss has told those politicians in no uncertain terms that he is keeping all that money, and that he also would not look unfavourably upon another great big tax cut, and for that reason in nations all around the world the politicians are looking for ways of balancing their out of whack budgets by robbing Tiny Tim while at the same time they are discussing tax cuts for Scrooge. This gutting and cutting and lay offs and slashing then contributes to further undermining the basis of the economy, leading to the downward spiral of total collapse at some point in the future, as lay offs lead to layoffs and gutting leads to cutting leading to more layoffs and gutting, which is what you see during a great depression. All the gutting and cutting and spiralling and crashing is seen to be an unfolding process which builds up steam and then goes on and on and on for years, a crash not being something that happens in one day, but rather being a process of unfolding ruinous destruction that involves sliding down some slippery slope year after year after year.

What then follows is a long wallow in social misery that can last ten or in the worst case scenario, even twenty years. During this period of time the capitalists will make war on one another and try force each other in bankruptcy, with price cutting and deflation and further lay offs, as each capitalist competes with every other capitalist to be the one left standing after that fifteen round bloody boxing match. To the victor belongs the spoils, and the one capitalist who manages to not go bankrupt is the one who will clean up really good during the inevitably following boom cycle, for capitalists always thrive where there is no competition. In this way the crash and then boom cycle of capitalism resembles a great forest fire in Yellowstone Park, which razes the forest to the ground and this then clears the way for the sprouting up a fresh new growth, for the competition has been burned right to the ground. This process takes those capitalists some time, and while they are plotting like thieving pirates on the high seas and firing cannon balls at each other and plunder and loot, the rest of the population tries to tough it out and wait for the social nightmare to finally end, while revolutionaries and demagogues run wild through the place.


In the months leading up to the famous Russian Revolution, Lenin's part, the Bolsheviks, were just small marginalized party out on the fringes. They had few followers and no one took them to seriously, for after years of organizing and speechifying they just hadn't managed to build up those all important numbers, and for this reason Lenin and his tiny party were easily dismissed as a washed up outfit that was going nowhere.

There were those in Lenin's part who were impressed by the large numbers gathered in by outfits such as those Mensheviks. You see, a Menshevik was interested in getting a big head count, and so they compromised and adopted a big tent approach, and brought in all kinds of people with differing agendas, and then they celebrated the results of this 'diverse strategy' because they could do a head count and they came up with big numbers. Lenin would always crack down on his party everytime someone suggested that maybe the Bolsheviks might become more diverse as well, for Lenin would rather have 10 Bolsheviks than have 10,000 Mensheviks. Lenin was waiting for the objective conditions of the revolution to become just perfect and he was determined that the Bolsheviks stick to their message and ignore those head counts, so that at the key revolutionary moment the objective conditions would be just right for those Bolsheviks to lead the nation into full scale revolution.

And this was exactly what happened, for just when the clock struck one minute before midnight, suddenly those Bolsheviks experienced explosive exponential growth, and the rest is history.

The Great Revolution of the Liberal Middle Class

Now as I look at the revolutionary clock on the wall, I can clearly see that the time is not now one minute before midnight. Therefore for someone such as myself what is required of me is that I be content to be sidelined and cool my heels, while, of course, always remaining consistently on message and refusing to compromise one iota.

If it is not now one minute before midnight, what time is now displayed on the revolutionary clock? As we study the history of the last thirty years we can see that this was a history of growing class warfare between those capitalists and the principle target of the flaming arrows of those capitalists, which has been the international liberal middle classes. You see, those capitalists decided to launch class warfare against the middle class and get rid of them once and for all because they were just to damned expensive. All that money that those capitalists have stacking and piling and hoarding and grabbing has been picked right from the pockets of our decimated collapsing middle class, because a capitalist can make more money only if he keeps me more and doesn't agree to give that missing money to someone else, such as the middle class.

It is for this reason that we will now witness what would have to be the one last great revolutionary global upheaval of what ever remains of that middle class and it becomes apparent that until this phase of the revolution has run its course nothing else can happen in its correct time. It is for this reason that the Occupy Wall Street movement is now going through a metamorphosis and will now no longer Occupy Wall Street but will instead Occupy Washington, for this movement is being caught up and transformed into an instrument of the prevailing revolutionary force, which is a liberal middle class force. The future course of the revolution will then be determined in the coming months and years by the outcome of this middle class revolution. These are interesting times we live in.

Now what must be on the agenda of the Middle Class Liberal Revolutionary. It is apparent that this must be a global Middle Class revolution, for the capitalists have gone global, and for this reason the capitalist can employ the strategy of divide and conquer to punish and isolate any single nation found rebelling against the boss. It is quite obvious that the Middle Class is hoping to tax that capitalist, and such a strategy can only work if that Capitalist gets taxed in every nook and cranny of the planet, leaving that Capitalist no place to hide. For one of the great driving forces on the agenda of a Liberal Middle Class Revolutionary is to prevent the Great Crash, and in this way the Middle Class Revolutionary movement resembles a fire brigade working to hose down a fire by soaking down a building and they will accomplish by raiding that capitalists bank account to pay for it all.

So then fire prevention is pretty high on the agenda of the Middle Class Revolutionary, and for this reason there will be a strong driving impulse within such a revolutionary force to re-elect someone like that Barack Obama. They will work on changing him into FDR later, but first things first. For the Middle Class Revolutionary must find Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and fast, and they know that they don't have a hope in hell of find FDR in that Republican party. They will probably also have one hell of a time finding FDR in that Democratic party, but it is a risk they will have to take, with the line of reasoning being that the odds are a little better that they might pull that rabbit out of hat if they vote Democratic, for if they vote Republican something truly dreadful would certainly happen, for they would get stuck with Herbert Hoover, and as we all know Hoover just stands around and does nothing while the place burns to the ground as the market seemed to require it do at the particular time.

At the moment that capitalist economy is starting to look pretty scary to a Middle Class Liberal Revolutionary, and they already have enough to worry about, what with the capitalist launching class warfare with them as a target, causing them to lose so much sleep wondering if they might be next. For this reason a Middle Class liberal must first do some emergency patch job on that place, by spreading some New Deal money around at the bottom of the economy to keep that imbalanced tottering thing from collapsing into a ruined heap. After they accomplish this Herculean task, they must then begin to pursue their long term revolutionary agenda, at which time we should expect to see those rich one percent capitalists being kept on a short leashed choke chain as they led around like a dog by that pissed of Middle Class. Here I am assuming that there is still enough left of that decimated disappearing dying out Middle Class such that they might actually be able to have a revolution and pull that burning chestnut out of that fire.