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Earl Blumenauer Holds Live Teleconference With Citizens Of Oregon 10:00AM 12.6.11

I question Congressman Earl Blumenauer on a live city hall teleconference and confront him with the Occuypy movement. Blumenauer states that part of his approach to Congress is trying to make the top 1% earners pay a higher tax.
Early this morning I recieved a call from "US GOVERNMENT" which I recieved and was one of those chosen to attend a live town-hall teleconference with Congressman Earl Blumenauer. This live
session was part of a move by congress to gather public perspective of decisions that are being
made behind closed doors in Congress. As I assumed that this was an attempt to gain support of
Blumenauer (as he may be running again and needs the turnout), this was a very engaging dialog
between Oregonians and Blumenauer that apparently will help convince Congress to come to a
consensus on issues of taxation pertaining to the top 1% earners. He states at the beginning of
the conference that he believes in adjusting taxes by an increase on any income above one
million dollars for the 1%, and later states in his rebuttal that he sypathizes with those who
are fighting the struggle of activism in the name of the 99% and believes there should be concise
action taken by the government. Here in this video podcast, I confront him on the issue of
Occupy Wall Street and the local Occupy movement and stress the similarities of Blumenauers'
ideology of taxing the 1% and the views of the 99%.


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