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Discuss Occupy - free pies provided for anyone who needs to be pied

Calling the Biotic Baking Brigade!
The Portland Mercury is organizing an event for people to discuss what direction Occupy should take which will include as of yet unnamed members of government and the media. Absent from any invitation is the homeless or actual members of Occupy Portland. This obvious attempt at recuperation should be openly rejected. The Mercury's position of detached hipster irony towards the very real and serious problems our society faces is an indication of the role they serve. Their interest in Occupy is the same as the rest of the capitalist press - as a way to move papers, and push the movement into reformist dead ends.

The event is on Sunday, December 11th. 4pm. 403 SW. 10th. Free. This is an invitation to all of those who would reject attempts to co-opt this movement and tame it to show up. The history of pies and protest is a long one - here are some ideas -  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biotic_Baking_Brigade.

@Fidelity 06.Dec.2011 11:45


Occupy's just starting. It's funny, I've had to repeat "Occupy's just starting" every two weeks since September 17th. But once again:

"We are the 99%" is a big ol' clue that the movement starts with class analysis, and finds our economic/social hierarchy corrupt, and in need of replacement. Now, personally, I never thought that US citizens would ever *get* class analysis, because of the constant brainwashing from corporate-owned media.

And obviously I sold us short.

The cat is out of the bag. We aren't going back. Occupy won't be co-opted nor ended. Did you think that getting arrested and chased out of parks was going to stop us? We have repeatedly mobilized thousands of people on the streets of Portland, staying all night on our feet where necessary. Dancing. And that's just Portland; it's a global movement.

We need to seize the banks--I mean every penny--for human needs. We need to shut down the imperial war apparatus. We need to shut down global warming corporations, occupy them, and turn some of them into green cooperatives. We want democracy--the real thing, not the brainwashed semiannual rubber stamp we call voting.

That will take years, so don't hold your breath waiting for us to go away.

Pie any Means Necessary. 07.Dec.2011 18:53


Just to remind folks of some of Sarah Mirk's previous work, this is an article she wrote after the Main St. arrests -

 link to blogtown.portlandmercury.com.

It has since been announced that the government officials will be from the City of Portland and Senator Merkley's office, eager to cast themselves as supporters of the Occupy movement, while simultaneously being complicit in the police violence ordered to shut down the camps. With the actual occupiers out of the way, politicians can now try to channel support for the movement into votes. It has also been announced that two facilitators from Occupy Portland will be a part of the panel, likely the conservative faction that supported the closure of the camps and tried to stage a shutdown of the kitchen pre-eviction.

Here's to hoping that all of those who deserve it get their just desserts. Revenge has never been so sweet!

occupie portland? 09.Dec.2011 05:37


aww, i thought there were going to be pie donations. from some benevolent bakers...

at least, the poetry above was pretty tasty....