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December 6: "Occupy Our Homes" National Day of Action to Stop and Reverse Foreclosures

Tuesday, December 6 has been declared a national "Occupy Our Homes" day of action to stop and reverse foreclosures for the 99%.
'Occupy' protesters and housing rights activists are planning to help families resist eviction from foreclosed homes and take control of vacant properties in some 25 U.S. cities on Tuesday, an effort aimed at focusing attention on the ongoing housing crisis and giving the movement a new focus after the dismantling of many of its encampments.

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* Occupy Our Homes event
Multnomah County Office
2.9 mi away
501 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
Tuesday, December 6, 4:00 PM
Description: Join us on Tuesday for an Occupy Our Homes event as we deliver Christmas Delegation Greeting Cards and sing foreclosure themed carols to our elected officials.

* Home for the Holidays
The home of Deb & Ron Austin
5.2 mi away
4207 NE 77th Ave
Tuesday, December 6, 10:00 AM
Description: This holiday season, 3 Portland families are taking a stand. In a press conference this Tuesday morning, they'll be announcing plans to stay in their homes, in resistance to pending eviction orders. The families are working with We Are Oregon, a non-profit group that is organizing communities affected by foreclosure, and seeking solutions to the foreclosure crisis. The press conference will coincide with a national day of action, dubbed "Occupy Our Homes", involving housing rights organizations and Occupy groups across the country, to highlight the ongoing foreclosure crisis and the effect of high unemployment on homeowners and tenants.

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