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Free Internet Book: Towards a Wage-Led Recovery

This free Internet book was published in: International Journal of Labor Research, November 2011.
The just-released 2011 ILO World of Work Report is a must-read for progressive economists.

Released on the eve of the G20 meetings, the report underlines the gravity of the current global employment situation and warns of the need to put job creation first if we are to avoid a very extended period of high unemployment and rising incidence of precarious work. It emphatically calls for demand side measures to create jobs, along with job-friendly labour market policies.

Most important is the theoretical argument and the empirical research which underlies the report. It argues -- based on a great deal of new empirical research -- that the way out of the jobs crisis lies in RAISING wages, especially in the economies with large trade surpluses. Moreover, Chapter 2 documents the large shift in income from labour to capital in the decade leading up to the crisis, which is mainly attributed to the rising GDP share of financial profits in the advanced economies.

to read Andrew Jackson's "Towards a Wage-Led Recovery," click on

 link to www.ilo.org


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