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Salmon and Park re-re-occupied at 11:19PM

ironic ain't it
Well the Portland Police showed up after 7PM and claimed that the little paved park was under "emergency closure" by order of the Parks Director, and the riot suits pushed us out; we've been marching all over town chased by a sound truck and the KeyStone Kops Mobile (truck with runners for riot suit cops)as the numbers increased to well over a thousand, and now we're back in the park.

More riot suits are said to be assembling. Popular response is in order.

no riot cops at 2 am 04.Dec.2011 04:36

Joe Anybody


This link has some video clips fom cell ph. durring the protest and when arriving back at the same park

occupying 04.Dec.2011 20:27

our park

a moment around 9:40 in the south park blocks 12.3.11