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Photos From Portland Re-Occu-Fest March

A few photos of today's Re-Occu-Fest March, starting at Salmon Springs Fountain, winding through downtown Portland and finishing up at Shemanski Park.
The March began much later than scheduled, and left Salmon Springs in high spirits with no law enforcement in sight. I don't think that the march stuck with the advertised route, possibly because of the late start.

The crowd marched along the river and then headed into downtown Portland with the bike swarm in the lead. Though they immediately took to the streets, the marchers were extremely respectful of buses and the Max train, which, unfortunately, forced a break in the march at several occasions.
There was absolutely no police in attendance, at least within sight of the March.

The energy remained high and gathered momentum as they walked up the hill to Shemanski Park, where folks spread out, some setting up tables and tents. It was only here at the Park that law enforcement showed their faces.


Great Photos 04.Dec.2011 18:52


Great Photos. Here is a video from the same day but at night  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxltMkcMdh4

here's my video of december 3rd nighttime events 06.Dec.2011 17:42