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Occupy Portland is in Shemansky Plaza Park on SW Main street

Here it is folks

Occupy Portland Dec 3 2011

Map for park location of the Occupy Portland new space

LINKS - LINKS and LINKS - from Occupy Portland Dec 3 Action 03.Dec.2011 17:48

Joe Anybody ((( i )))

 http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2011/12/412734.shtml MAP and Info

LIVEstream  http://occupyportland.org/livestreammedia/


Corporate(sic) media



Joeanybody YouTube Occupy Portland Channel

@occupyportland @occupyoregon @portlandimc @imc @occupy @occupytogether @occupywallstreet

Shemansky Plaza on SW Main street
Map 1.  link to maps.google.com

Map 2. Tiny Link

 http://tiny.cc/mzz75 Link to streetview map of camps location

POPO police scanner:  http://www.oregonlive.com/policescanner/audio/index.ssf

================== PIMC Breaking News Archive ============
Twitter: Occupy Portland is occupying Shemansky Plaza now 4:45
Livestream LS: tables going up in park on Main street
LS Livestream: No Popo 4:30 - March is in south park bocks on Main Street
LS: march is moving up Main street, west towrds park blocks
LS: 4:25 protest now at 5th and Salmon going south
LS: police dayshift is being held over for protest
LS: On 4th and SW OAK moving west 4:09
Twitter: Bike swarm is out delete | edit
LS [Livestream]: march is moving NORTH along waterfront at 3:44PM
Livestream: Estimated 500 in park

closes @9pm 03.Dec.2011 18:57



Says the park closes at 9PM

TINY LINK to LIVESTREAM: http://tiny.cc/5u3ro 03.Dec.2011 20:59

watch it here

TINY LINK to LIVESTREAM:  http://tiny.cc/5u3ro

breaking news archived at 5am 04.Dec.2011 04:58

cats meow


PIMC: the march went all over town in streets w/ riot police following. March end up at park W/ no cops following. Quite at 2am


PIMC: 100+ still in south park blocks. Back at same park they were kicked out of at 9pm. All is calm


[LS]Livestream:Livestream Video from Occupy Portland"


LS: popo saying streets closed from: Madison to Main \ Broadway to Park Av.


LS: popo telling people to leave park on loudspeaker saying "Street closed Broadyway to Park Av"


PIMC: POPO in riot gear are raiding Shemanski park on Main street at 8:33 PM - 30 minutes before park closure


FB Occupy Portland: Reports of 40 cops in riot gear at the 4th and Main. Shemanski Park closes at 9pm. Guess we'll have company.


PIMC:  http://tiny.cc/mzz75 street view map to location of new Occupy Portland camp on sw Main street


Twitter: Occupy Portland is occupying Shemansky Plaza now 4:45


Livestream LS: tables going up in park on Main street