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Portland Building Occupation

A group of people have occupied a small vacant building in Portland. It was done quietly because any attempt to do so publicly would likely be shut down.
The people are not announcing where it is happening, just that it is happening. This is to keep it safe but also let people know and encourage others to do the same. There is a lot of empty building space and it should be put to good use. Someday we will live in a freer society where space to do things is openly available for use. Right now we live in a totalitarian society that wants to make everyone a slave so we have to sneak around in order to find some freedom. Freedom for empty buildings and for people to occupy them!!

tight 03.Dec.2011 14:36


I am not trash talking this, y'all done good.
However, I dare you to put this on Anews so we can all have a laugh at the comments.

Thanks for the info 03.Dec.2011 17:28

local resident

But really we need to push forward to taking a public building and holding it Santa Cruz style. They organized defense so well that the riot police got surrounded when they showed up, and couldn't do a thing.
We've proven that we can force the riot police to back down here in Portland too. Tents and sleeping bags were a good first step. Public social-center type buildings are the next step.

Santa Cruz bank occupy closed 03.Dec.2011 19:14


Occupiers of the bank left this afternoon after elecric was cut.

Not political 04.Dec.2011 23:27


Got to agree - unless it's public and you call for public support, it's not a political act. Which whatever - squat the shit out of this city - especially if it's a matter of survival. It just doesn't seem like it's political unless you're willing to do it openly and defend it against attempts to shut it down. The truth of the matter is that whether it's legal or not is irrelevant if you have enough support, particularly from neighbors who can be mobilized to help defend it.