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Video: Fur Free Friday 2011-Compassion is the Fashion

Portland Fur Free Friday March and Rally, traditionally held on the day after Thanksgiving world wide. This year the event was organized by Animal Defense League(on Facebook)
Fur Free Friday 2011
Video covers about the first hour of the event, including the brief rally at Nordstrom, the march through downtown Portland to Unger Furs and Macys. Also included is a brief stop to recall and celebrate the two year action which brought down Schumacher Furs.

A special treat were the remarks by a woman at Macys who attended the original Fur Free Friday, which took place at Macys in New York in 1986.
According to an article in Last Chance for Animals:
"In 1985, two activist groups, Trans Species Unlimited (TSU) and the Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade (CAFT), coordinated the first, non-violent civil disobedience activities protesting fur at Macy's in New York and in Sacramento, California. Although the protests were non-violent, there were several dozen arrests."
"The following year, George Cave and Cres Vellucci of TSU repeated the activities on the Friday after Thanksgiving, widely known as the busiest shopping day of the year, and "Fur-Free Friday" was officially created. Fur-Free Friday provides grassroots activists with an opportunity to participate in coordinated non-violent direct action campaigns, similar to the sit-ins of the civil rights movement, against department stores selling fur."

Video also features the incomparable radical cheerleaders; they do three brief cheers towards the the middle of the 20 minute video.

Though well organized and promoted, this years event was not as well attended, but was equal to all the others in energy, passion and exuberance. Along the way, several onlookers voiced approval and hand bill explaining the event and the issue were handed out throughout the march.

Fur Free Friday 2011

Thanks Jim - 08.Dec.2011 02:43


I loved being able to see the march and the speakers. I had to work and couldn't be there. Your work is much appreciated.