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John Holloway, Hillel Ticktin, Immanuel Wallerstein on Capitalism's Crisis

Marxists have been predicting the disintegration of capitalism for so long that most people - including most Marxists - stopped believing it would ever happen. But today anyone who reads the financial press knows that the system is in an unprecedented crisis with no clear way out. The following articles offer a variety of ways of understanding the crisis so we can begin to create a world beyond capitalism:
capitalism game over
capitalism game over
John Holloway, 'Rage against the Rule of Money'  http://www.espaienblanc.net/IMG/pdf/rage_money_Holloway.pdf

Hillel Ticktin, 'Capitalist Crisis'  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hillel_H._Ticktin

Immanuel Wallerstein, 'Structural Crisis in the World-System, Where Do We Go from Here?'  http://monthlyreview.org/author/immanuelwallerstein

Endnotes, 'Crisis in Class Relation'  http://endnotes.org.uk/articles/2

Mark Kosman, 'Is Revolution Back on the Agenda?'  http://libcom.org/history/revolution-back-agenda-mark-kosman

Yes, but ...... 03.Dec.2011 13:05

Mike Novack

The prediction coming out of Marxism was that industrial civilization capitalism was going to collapse to be replaced by industrial civilization socialism. Not SIMPLY that capitalism was going to collapse.

Now you present people arguing that capitalism is indeed about to collaps but (and this is a big but) does that mean socialism is in any better shape?. After all, if what is really collapsing as fossil resources begin to run out are all forms of industrial civilization that's another kettle of fish (except the fish are gone frorm the ocean, too).

That's like first two players arguing who is going to lose. First A says it, then B, but what really happens is something comes along and snatches the board away.