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More news that has been around for a long time but no one wants to believe it. Put your heads back in the sand until your kid gets a glioma or can't remember his/her name when she/he is 25. this world / town is populated with a bunch of mind controlled idiots that can't do without their own personal tracking devices that are sterilizing them while they lap top away.
Health alert for children who use mobile phones
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Children 'are at risk' from mobiles

Wednesday November 9,2011
By Nathan Rao

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URGENT action is needed to curb childrens' use of mobile phones because of fears they can cause cancer and a host of other illnesses, experts said last night.

An estimated eight out of 10 youngsters aged between seven and 11 now have their own mobile and ownership is also spiralling among those even younger.

But British charity MobileWise says use of the gadgets must be restricted because the young are more at risk from potentially dangerous radiation.

The campaign group is calling on the Government and the mobile phone industry to step up warnings over the devices.

Following an in-depth study of 200 scientific papers, MobileWise says health chiefs are ignoring negative findings and are not doing enough to warn parents of the dangers.

MobileWise director Vicky Fobel said: "We have a choice. We can either continue to ignore the mounting evidence of risks and do nothing until we have incontrovertible proof that mobiles can damage health or we can take note of this evidence, even if it is still inconclusive, and act to protect children before it is too late."

We can either continue to ignore the mounting evidence of risks and do nothing until we have incontrovertible proof that mobiles can damage health

MobileWise director Vicky Fobel

The study claims children's brains can absorb twice the amount of radiation as adults from mobile phones because their skulls are smaller and thinner. It says children who use mobiles are also more likely to develop health problems in adulthood due to a longer exposure during their lifetime.

Dr Lennart Hardell, professor of oncology and cancer epidemiology at Orebro University Hospital, in Sweden, has led several studies on the subject.

He said: "This timely report draws attention to the large body of evidence which links prolonged phone use to health hazards such as brain tumours.

"While further research is still needed, there is certainly enough evidence to warrant urgent action by public health agencies to protect the public, especially children, who are significantly more vulnerable."


Neurosurgeon Kevin O'Neill, chairman of the Brain Tumour Research Campaign, said: "We know that children are much more vulnerable to phone radiation and that there are simple measures available to help them cut their exposure."

MobileWise has called for the Government to follow other countries which have tightened up their policy on mobile phones.

Ms Fobel said: "The UK Government is lagging behind other countries such as Canada, France and certain states in the US."

In France mobile phones are banned from primary schools, and phone operators must offer handsets which only allow text messages.

The MobileWise report highlights warnings issued by the Department of Health which recommends under-16s use phones only for essential calls.

John Cooke, of the Mobile Operators Association, said: "Mobile phones in the UK are subject to rigorous safety tests and the overwhelming body of evidence does not show any adverse health effects." But he added: "More research is needed. Kids should be discouraged from using their mobile phones excessively and should text rather than call."

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09.11.11, 8:50am

Actually because of the way childrens brains are growing - ie cells splitting - microwaves could cause protein mutation within the divided cell which could cause cancer or ? The problem is that mobile phones use with wide band smartphone data requirements are a bit like smoking in the 50's - it's too early to see the full effects and it's a too lucrative industry to spread concern at this stage.

Posted by: Negotiator1 Report Comment
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09.11.11, 7:53am

We all use our mobiles and are happy put a microwave transmitter within millimetres of one of our most sensitive organ. Yes everybody agrees at this stage there is no conclusive proof one way or another, but it is common sense to listen to the warning bells. The phone manufacturers already state in their instruction books not to put an operating phone next to your body - do they know something they are not telling us! It is wise to take basic precautions like using speakerphone or using one of those air tube headsets especially for heavy users.

Posted by: ChrisFow Report Comment
User Image

09.11.11, 12:36am

What a ridiculous story. Less than 21 days ago mobile phones were declared absolutely safe with no evidence whatsoever of them causing tumours.

Posted by: Jonte Report Comment
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