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How to Save the World

A non-ideological plan to save the entire world, forever
I have figured out how to cure the world of all its horrible and many diseases which it suffers from. Just listen to me, all we have to do is to get everyone together at once in one spot, and we all sing at the top of our voices. This will create such a disturbance in the energy field that, it's bound to change pretty much everything (for the better). I am thinking we should meet in Portugal, Canada, Hawaii, Mexico, Madagascar, or China. And we'll give out free granola bars and we'll have plenty of water. We don't even have to stay very long, and once everyone comes to the meeting, and sings, then they can go wherever they want, because everything will be free after that, and no one will care about all the stupid stuff that we used to care about. If I were ever to stop by my house that I live in right now after the meeting, I would in fact probably meet a Kenyan man and a Uzbekistani family living there, holding intense foosball tournaments.

The Only Way,,, 01.Dec.2011 08:14

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

To save the planet is for the planet to knock the human species down to 20% of it's present population through an ice age.