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Video: N17-the People Are Rising; No More Compromising

Occupy Portland's Action Committee issued a call for decentralized-yet-coordinated nonviolent civil disobedience against big banks for November 17, 2011. This is a 10 minute video depicting about 3 hours of that event, including scuffles with over zealous law enforcement and the Wells Fargo lock down.
N17 2011
I arrived at Waterfront Park, at about 11:00 am, just as the Rally ended and the crowd was moving slowly down SW Naito Parkway, on the sidewalk. Almost immediately bike cops attempted to stop the march at the first cross walk, which led to tense moments and over reaction by both bike and mounted police. Eventually the crowd blew past the officers and continued on down the sidewalk.

As the March continued, officers continued their attempts to halt the March at every "no walk" signal, with limited success. At some signals they were successful; at others, not so much. Where law enforcement was successful was keeping the March out of the streets. Several attempts by individuals to move the March off the side walks and into the streets were successfully bullied back on the pavement by the police, intimidating the crowd with their horses.

At Wells Fargo, a man with a bull horn condemned the bank for their financing offor-profit prisons and immigrant detention centers and gave some background on that subject. Before he was finished, he was informed that a lock down was going on inside the bank. Members of Portland Central America Solidarity Committee (PCASC) had successfully entered the bank, sat down and refused to leave. Officers arrived, and one by one each protester was forcibly separated from the others, twist tied and hauled away.
The March continues past Bank of America and through downtown Portland.

I left about 2:00, but, as posts by Joe Anybody have already shown, the activities continued through the afternoon and into the evening.

N17 2011