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Support Portland's Sleeping Bag Drive!!

Cold, rainy weather is here, with freezing temperatures putting those who are exposed to the elements at high risk for extreme discomfort, sickness and even death. Each sleeping bag will make the difference for those in need through this harsh season, and could be essential for survival in the Oregon winter.
With over 1,700 people in Portland living without shelter (2011 Street Count), sleeping bags provide crucial protection from discomfort, illness and death.

The Sleeping Bag Drive is now an ongoing organization, and Portland's houseless population need your help!

The Red & Black & Laughing Horse Book collectives have teamed up to collect sleeping bags and donations (which will go directly towards sleeping bags as well as weatherproof tarps to protect from the weather) to be distributed in the local area.

With so many Portlanders living without adequate shelter and vulnerable to the dangerous, harsh winter conditions sleeping near our homes and businesses, it's our duty to provide what resources we have to assist those in need.

Visit www.sleepingbagdrive.com to donate online now, or drop off new or clean sleeping bags at one of the following locations in Portland:

The Red & Black
400 SE 12th Ave
Open 10AM-10PM
(503) 231-3899

Laughing Horse Books
12 NE 10th Ave
Open Mon-Sat 11AM-7PM
(503) 236-2893 (volunteer run, please call for availability)

homepage: homepage: http://www.sleepingbagdrive.com

Alberta CO-OP Grocery is also a drop-off point! 29.Dec.2011 14:37


You can also drop off sleeping bags or donations to Alberta Co-op Grocery on NE 15th Ave. & Alberta!

Thanks much for the support and donations!! It's chilly out there and it makes a huge difference for each person who can get a sleeping bag!