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Video: N17 noon protest at Wells Fargo - Occupy Portland

Three Videos from the noon protest going up 5th street in downtown Portland. The N17 - Occupy Portland Banks / Wall Street protest stops outside of Wells Fargo bank. Over a thousand people marching and 200 hundred cops following them up the street.
N17 noon -1- Bank Wells Fargo Protest

Clip One: coming up the street on 5th


N17 noon -2- Arriving at Wells Fargo - Bank Protest

Clip Two: Arriving at Wells Fargo Bank


N17 moon -3- Bank Wells Fargo Protest

Clip Three: Clowns show up to fix problems

homepage: homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com/id30.html

Video: inside the bank - a protest is going on and 9 are arrested 26.Nov.2011 20:58

here is why

A related video from inside the bank on N17


Inside the Wells Fargo branch at 900 SW Fifth Avenue as PCASC protests Wells Fargo's investments in Geo Group, Inc., the second largest private prison company in the world, which spends millions lobbying for stricter immigration enforcement.

 link to www.pcasc.net