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Black Friday - Unshop 'till Ya Drop

Since Occupy Portland has so graciously moved away from the downtown area to make way for holiday shopping, the 99% of us should celebrate and occupy our time this shopping season with cheer, joyful song, and chanting through all our shopping malls. Our fellow working class elves shall dress in our merry garb, gathering around Santa and shoppers to bring joyful song to all.
Ho Ho Ho,

As the winter darkness of Capitalism draws near its solstice, it is time to celebrate and bring a little lightheartedness to the situation we all have had a hand in creating. As potential shoppers, we should keep our potential and gaze upon all the corporate capitalist cadeaux displayed in all its finery throughout shops, in all the malls and main streets of the good olde USA, with apprehension. Do we need all this silly stuff to bring lightheartedness and merriment to our soul or can we all enjoy singing and dancing and sharing together in the main streets and malls of America? We propose that we all go window shopping in Pioneer Place, on black Friday, 25 of November 2011, to remind ourselves of what we truly need - one another. Let's carol our way throughout the holiday season. Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Bodhi Day, Saturnalia, Zartusht-no-diso, Yule, and Festivas to us all as we await the end of the Capitalist winter and welcome the spring of awakening together!