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Occvpatriot 11/22/2011

Haven't been any police in the last few marches, therefore they didn't exist.
Peaceful protest means nothing without a violent response from police. The more savage the response from police, the more effective the protest message. The more media coverage of police and state brutality to peaceful protests, the greater the empathy in the public minds eye to the people's cause. Unless the people make it physically possible for police to remove the visual statement of having tents in downtown places, this movement says nothing. This non-violent populist movement had limited options in creating a violent response from police. At this moment in Portland, there are no camps. There are no disruptions in the day to day workings of this city. Therefore, there is no news, good or bad, and thus, no forwards momentum being created. The people could go underground to keep themselves occupied. Small scale projects, art, writing, or a more violent release of ideas. Or, the large marches have been happening on a nearly day to day basis can do the one thing they have left to send a message. Blocking traffic. If the people on mass, block traffic within the downtown corridor it will create a violent response from police with non-violence. The highly symbolic crime of blocking traffic, or blocking the businesses that do bad practices will create enough of a spectacle to get police to do mass violence. Peaceful protest must create news stories, otherwise there is no reason to protest at all. The other option, would be massive full-scale rioting, burning and looting of banks, businesses to effect change. Permits and marching on sidewalks with no police presence kills the revolutionary spirit. A protest without reactionary police violence is a march that the public won't think much about or care about in any real way. People the world over are now rising up. The people are protesting because they have been left with no other choice. In Egypt the military in power is shooting people in the face. In London and France, people riot on shopping districts, in Italy, Spain and Greece the people riot on police against austerity. In Amerika, the people are loosing what little social standing they had. And in all these places, the upper middle classes speak for the movement and curtail them. So as not to loose their own social standing. If marches at a minimum don't block traffic, people will have no choice than to turn to extreme underground violence to convey any sort of meaningful message.