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Ferrie & Oswald

a picture's worth a 1000 words indeed
duuuh- it must be a CO-INCIDENCE- DUUUUUUUH
duuuh- it must be a CO-INCIDENCE- DUUUUUUUH
Remember Nov 22, 1963? Here's CIA agent David Ferrie, 2nd from left, with Lee Harvey Oswald, far right. Ferrie was the commander of this Civil Air Patrol unit, not to mention the main character in Oliver Stone's classic film expose, "JFK".

JFK and the Unspeakable 22.Nov.2011 21:03

Old Enough to Remember

If you haven't followed the Nov. 22 1963 coup lately, Douglass 2008 book by above title is outstanding...much of it new information. For example, the Oct. assasignation attempt in Chicago that preceeded Dallas.