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Nov. 22nd 1963 48 years of coverup and deception

"The Grassy Knoll" is now a euphenism for tin-foil hat. Too bad, because Oswald was innocent.
The original  'Boy From Brazil' and his creator
The original 'Boy From Brazil' and his creator
CIA Proxy Ruby eliminates one of their own
CIA Proxy Ruby eliminates one of their own
Look at this photo. That's David Ferrie,nd from left, 2 master CIA agent and a main spoke in the wheel of assassination that murdered the President all those years ago in Dallas. And all the way on the right side of this photo is the unmistakable image of one LEE HARVEY OSWALD. The photo was of a civil air patrol club headed by Ferrie. Oswald was a member, and was groomed politically (and some say sexually) by Ferrie over the course of years. Oswald's obvious role as a spy on a mission in the Soviet Union is well known. He became the prime candidate to be the JFK patsy because he actually married a Russian woman, an unforgivable sin in the eyes of Langley's 1960's cold warriors. Many present at Oswald's death at the hands of mob figure and Dallas bagman Jack Ruby swear that Oswald recognized Ruby at the moment of discharge. Many witnesses surfaced claiming Ruby and Oswald were friends, and some even claimed they were 'lovers'. But today's America could care less.....