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Occupy Anthems - Gamblin's for Fools

Sheffield anarchobass net label pops out a timely occupy anthem...

free music for free people
Kid SneeLock vs MotorHead vs Mc Rastani
Kid SneeLock vs MotorHead vs Mc Rastani
Gamblin's for Fools [Goldman Sachs Playin with knives mix] - Kid SneeLock vs MotorHead
vs MC Rastani

Mashup/remix maestro Kid SneeLock serves up a timely Occupy Anthem.
Anarcho-capitalist Alessio Rastani joins Lemmy to explain the realities of capitalist crisis...
a smash for your occupation or picket line...all out N30...



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dubstep for democracy

 link to soundcloud.com

Minor Threat Recordings

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