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Video: Occupy Portland - Failed Eviction on 11.13.11

A 9 part video set from the Occupy Portland Eviction at midnight on 11.13.11 - Occupy Portland Faces an Eviction at Midnight. It didn't happen. This video set starts just before midnight and runs till about 6 am The police attempt to remove the protesters using Horse cops charging into the crowds (didn't work and almost caused a riot) and as well as threats of chemical weapons and the use of riot cops with sticks and non lethal weapons. Nothing worked as far as trying to scare or hurt the protesters from the Occupy Portland camp.
1. Arriving Occupy Portland Saturday Eviction 11:30pm Nick Fish

2. Occupy Portland Eviction - Around Midnight 11.13.11

3. Occupy Portland The Push Around 1:00AM

4 Occupy Portland Shut The Road Off - 11.13.11

5. Horses Charge Crowd at Occupy Portland Eviction 11.13.11

6. Riot Police Stepping Back. 11.13.11 Occupy Eviction

7. Everyone Occupy 3rd Street 11.13.11 Occupy Eviction

8. occupy eviction . 11.13.11 Occupy Eviction

9. Good Morning The End. 11.13.11 Occupy Eviction

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clip 8 22.Nov.2011 07:23


- having troubles w/ link 8 - will fix asasp

Video 8 link fixed 25.Nov.2011 12:56

joe anybody

I fixed the link to video part #8 8. Riot Police Stand and Watch 11.13.11 Occupy Eviction
[video 14 minutes]

This video has footage of the drumming, protesters tells about his rude corporate media encounter, mic check announcements, riot police standing and watching, and the 1% yuppie who comes into the occupy protest area, drunk and rowdy swinging his fists: he gets removed peacefully, ironically the police run when they see the fight starting.

Video: Eviction Night - Camera B 27.Nov.2011 13:26

collective ((( i )))

More video footage from the "Occupy Portland" non eviction night on 11.13.11:

Here is another veiw "Camera B" from joeanybody[dot]com video collective
Camera B - Eviction Night Occupy Portland
[15 minute video]