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Video: N17 Afternoon Bank Protest outside of Chase

This is the 6 part video set from the 4Pm Chase Protest in Portland Oregon. This is the one where the police ram their horses into the peaceful crowd (again) who were legally protesting, the police shoved the citizens dangerously into the streets. Then the cops sent in hundreds of ROBO dressed Riot cops ... and yelling over loud speakers for next 30 minutes to "get out of the street"? ...So then (next) they start pepperspraying people and hitting them with sticks (and or jabbing protesters with their sticks)and then they do some more MAJOR blocking the street. Then they (hundreds of police) for no reason (?) leave and everything is peaceful and back to normal.
6. N17 Hundreds of Riot Cops In Street
(video 13 minutes)

5. N17 Riot Police In The Street
(video 11 minutes)

4. N17 Horse cops and pepperspray
(video 5 minutes)

3. N17 Horses pushing people into street
(video 13 minutes)

2. N17 Occupy CHASE grandmothers Solidarity with Occupy
(video 2 minutes)

1. Arriving at Chase Bank for protest in Portland Oregon
(video 6 minutes)

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