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9.11 investigation | political theory


I've been warning people that Ron Paul's supposed support of 911 truth is just a ploy to get political support from 'independents'...
screw republicans...
screw republicans...
And so now here he is in the clinch- He's predicted to WIN THE IOWA CAUCUS- and some clown from FOX puts him on the spot about 911 Truth. Does he take this momentus opportunity to finally let America in on the big open "secret" of US Government involvement in the attacks? No. He pulls a Judas Iscariot and throws the entire movement under the proverbial bus, begging it not to drag him into it's campaign-destroying maws of "conspiracy theory". I see Paul mega-supporter Alex Jones is 100% deafeningly silent about the episode on his websites today. What a betrayal! No amount of creative verbiage is going to assuage the severe damage suffered by 911 truth-seekers. I never dug his stand on abortion. (He's against it on every level) and that made me wary of his so-called 911 stand. A Black Day for the truth. He may be more dangerous than any of those other comedians running for President. In the words of TV's legendary "Riley": "What a revoltin' development this is.."

The Latest Darling Of The Privatists And Barbarists 20.Nov.2011 17:20


The many privatists (paleo-conservatives) and barbarists (libertarians) love Dr. Paul. Most people are not aware of Dr. Paul's Ludwig von Mises connections, and probable Southern Masonic racism connections.

He is probably the privatist and barbarist counterpart of the equalitian's Obama. 100% USDA Grade "A" bullshit.

What a Punk 20.Nov.2011 19:23

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

Liberals, Libertarians and Conservatives are all duplicitous and therefore far too unsound to rule.

I know how you feel 21.Nov.2011 00:45


Like you've been duped by somebody...
Ron Paul is in on it... No for realz guyz.
Ron Paul is in on it... No for realz guyz.

Just when I thought you all couldn't get any more ridiculous.... 21.Nov.2011 16:24

skeptic anarchist

Ron Paul wants to ban all abortions (under all circumstances); he supports racist legislation to end birthright citizenship; he rejects basic science such as the theory of evolution and anthropogenic global warming; he wants to get rid of all social safety nets and welfare; and yet the truthers only now have a problem with him? It looks like 911 truth is even to much nonsense for Ron Paul to handle. Just when I thought you all couldn't get any more ridiculous you had to post this gem of an article.