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Occupy Cozmic! A benefit for Occupy Eugene Sat Nov. 26 at Cozmic featuring DAVID ROVICS

Come out and support the good work of Occupy Eugene, to help sustain the occupation!
Over 800 meals a day are still being served, and lots of coordinated actions around town.
Occupy Cozmic!

featuring flat-picking rabble-rouser David Rovics, folk
rock dance band Brass Tacks, plus Occupy Eugene speakers,

Nov. 26, Cozmic Pizza,
$0-$20 sliding scale.

homepage: homepage: http://occupyeugenemedia.org/

poster 21.Nov.2011 10:49


this is the flyer
Occupy Eugene benefit
Occupy Eugene benefit

Rovics 22.Nov.2011 10:25


Does he have another album coming out? Or does he just think now would be a good opportunity to sell his old shit? Always quick to make a buck off movements. Anyway, this one's for you David:

Well I go from town to town
Just me and my guitar
You can see me at all the protests
Up on stage I'm such a star
But when the cops start charging
You can find me at the back
I'll be keeping safe my fingers
While all you kids' skulls get cracked
And afterwards I'll write songs poking fun at your whole crew
I'm a better folk singer than you

All this time spent traveling
It gets lonesome on the road
And you know I can't stand these rockstars
But I've got these seeds to sow
Why should I consider the power and privilege I possess
Baby when I get nervous up on stage, how 'bout I picture you undressed?
Save your talk of patriarchy, I'll go out and screw
I'm a better folk singer than you

And why eat dumpstered food that at Whole Foods could be bought?
And why wear patched up clothing when there's new clothes from sweatshops?
Your cultures of resistance are just silly and passe
Unless, of course, those cultures support gigs for me to play
Trite exaggerations of anarchists are cool
I'm a better folk singer than you

singAlong 27.Nov.2011 14:01


pretty p[f]unny
he writes w/ tongue in cheek
gives away a lot of his music
shows solidarity across the globe
entertains many a weary activist
and upsets some in the process
I like the guy & I liked your punny lyrics