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New Occupation Now!

People have reoccuppied! SW Park and Jefferson! 10am Saturday, the 19th
Come down. Bring people, tents and supplies. Occupation 2.0! Come show your support!

Live Stream 19.Nov.2011 10:38


at www.occupyportland.org

walk by 19.Nov.2011 13:19


Mt friend walked by at 1:15

Seen a few yellow bike cops on corners
Seen 25 estimated citizens in middle of park
Seen traps and a few sleeping bags in ground
Seen the start of a few tarps and ropes being strung up

cops want tarps 19.Nov.2011 13:41

joe anybody

Text mesg from Occupy Portland said:
"Police have taken all the traps"

Sort of... 19.Nov.2011 15:39


Seems to be more of a test run to gauge the police response. There needs to be a call out for mass community support prior to any real attempt at reoccupation.

What are traps? 19.Nov.2011 17:01


What are the traps people are talking about? Who is supposed to be trapped?

Fuck Camping! Block Traffic! 20.Nov.2011 05:37

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

The Occupy Wall St. Movement has no leverage to force change and until OWS gets some leverage nothing will change.

If OWS blocks traffic and shuts down business as usual, OWS will have leverage to force change.

The forgotten must block traffic to remind the forgetful of the needs of the forgotten.

Don't follow the leaders. Block traffic with your friends.

Guidelines For Non-Violent Civil Disobedient Traffic Blocking.  http://occupywallst.org/forum/guidelines-for-non-violent-civil-disobedient-traff/

Tarp ... not trap 20.Nov.2011 10:43

joe anybody

Tarps. (Plastic cover) ... was the correct word intended.
Sorry for misspelled word.

recent update for this space 22.Nov.2011 07:41

nov 29

Monday I didnt see anything there