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Anarchist Assembly Organizing Meeting & Debrief

This is a call to Anarchists and the broader anti-authroitarian community who wish to help organize the next assembly as well as meet and evaluate/dicuss the last assembly.
We will be meeting at the Black Rose (4038 N. Mississippi Ave Portland, Oregon 97227) at 7pm on Sunday Nov. 20th. If you are interested please come and help us organize another great anarchist event.

ughhhhhh 19.Nov.2011 02:10


that is such a shitty picture of the flier, ew.

Notes from the last meeting 20.Nov.2011 05:40

for greater ease of de-briefing...


Anarchist General Assembly Notes [Nov.12.2011]
author: repost
A reportback from the Nov. 12 Anarchist General Assembly.


Updates from organizations in town-15min
Working group report backs-15min
New working group proposals-10min
Breakout discussions & report back-30min
Group discussions [potentially Black Bloc]-20min
Occupy Portland-20min


-Blackrose: All volunteer collective/radical info shop & community space. We need support/help, if you want to volunteer contact our event account  blackroseshows@gmail.com

-Herbal Collective: New consensus and collective group study on herbs and such

-Freeskool:Need help teaching classes on anything/will help find location, etc.

-FoodNotBombs: Starting servings after Occupy Portland/Monday&Friday @ 5:30pm in the pavilion at Col. Summers Park - IWW: Organizing radical unions for the working class.

-Books to Prisoners: All-volunteer collective working to distribute books free of charge to prisoners [Books to Prisoners Mailing Nights--Tuesdays 5:30-8PM @1112 NE Morton St.,between Dekum St. and Ainsworth St.]

-Praxis (group of folx has gone by Praxis, Accountability/Trans): formative Justice [interested in conversations about why as radicals we are anti-prisons/anti-police, punitive punishment, developments of a community without/against prisons & what that means/what that looks like]

-Cascadia Center: Non-hierarchical organizing and supporting of groups [Unsettled Portland-helping to move into foreclosed houses/buildings/infrastructure]

-March-Hare Communications Collective: Needs help organizing for G8 in regards to technology [contact if experienced in system administration, knowledge of computers, etc.]

-Animal Defense League: Interested in animal and environmental oppressions/analysis of marginalized communities. [FUR FREE FRIDAY-NOV.25TH]

*WORKING GROUP REPORT BACKS [from previous anarchist assembly]-

-Solidarity group: West coast solidarity week for fellow anarchists, info demo&march downtown/2 parties/week of action [lots of funds raised]

-Anarchist Outreach: About 20 people met with a bunch of ideas, website&list serve

-Anti-police: Created fliers and propaganda in preparation for the response to the reinstatement/arbitration of Officer Frashour & info about anti-police in general [  email--pdxnotlovingpolice@gmail.com]

-Jail Support: Have track phone, and need help setting that up with an account


-Reading/Discussion group: focus on reading/thinking developing ideas-radical history,etc.

-Non-human oppression group: analyze other specie's oppression

-Police Stories [Zach]: Group to table and collect stories of peoples' interactions with police

-Regional Assembly:YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

-Herbalist Group

-Frashour/Anti-police brutality


-Jail Support


-Reading/Discussion group: Bi-monthly meeting-Sunday Nov.20th at Red&Black

-Issues regarding non-humans: list serve [animal rights & environmental issues], Animal Liberation forum [2012-ADL]

-Police Stories: list serve/goodgle calendar-find Zach

-Regional (A)ssembly: next summer proposal time line/will meet in 2 weeks-call outs should be posted for ideas/contacts and such.

-Herbalist Group: first meeting Monday Nov.14th [5:30-7:00] at Blackrose, mediations & collective process

-Frashour/Police:  email-pdxnotlovingpolice@gmail.com [fliering with Rose City Copwatch against Frashour reinstatement, compiling information about alternatives to police for communities] meeting in 2 weeks Nov.26th Red&Black

-Outreach: Meeting people in the occupy process, studying what Greeks have done and disseminating that, specifically outreach decentralizing occupy [Meeting Tuesday Nov.15th Hotlips PSU at 6pm, and Saturday Nov.19th at 2pm Blackrose]

-Jail Support: Trying to find a way to bridge a gap between NLG and community [email list for updates and meeting info]


-Black Bloc- not enough people want to talk about it

-Neighborhood Assemblies-some people want to talk about it

-Occupy-everyone wants to talk about it


-Text hot-line when police are mobilizing for raid on the camp-when things get intense-they are checking bags [text 023559 PDXOccupy]

-Think about strategy/police tactics, making blockades/rallying, concerns of mass arrest, consideration of how police will sweep, non-violent civildisobedence, etc.

-Occupy GA agreed to retake space [logistics-reclaiming other spaces/state infrastructure, foreclosure work-occupying bank owned homes and living/creating neighborhood centers] DISCLAIMER: Please recognize privilege before occupying neighborhoods

-Solidarity march as radicals?

-Occupy Portland PR rep. says they are not dehumanizing anarchists...


-NLG 503-902-5340


-David Burgess arraignment rally outside the justice center [9:30am Monday Nov.14th]

-Walkout/march PSU to decentralizing the occupation [12:00pm Nov.16th]

-Matt Houston one of the organizing body for the assembly is calling out for support organizing the next one!!!!

-Snacbloc: Thanks to Snacbloc for the food, oh and "TALK LESS SHIT" in our community... find constructive solutions!!

-Cascadia Bi-regional Congress [  cascadiamycelium@gmail.com]

-IWW: Intro classes & organizer trainings Nov.19th&20th and Music for the Working Class Nov.30th

-Grey Coast Anarchist News:  http://greycoast.wordpress.com/

-Anarchist Newspaper in Portland, OR. in the beginning stages-looking to work with writers/contributors within the next year. Talk to Matt Houston.

-B Media [971-270-0020 Bmediacollective.org]

-Regional Assembly's next planning meeting Nov.17th
homepage:  http://greycoast.wordpress.com/2011/11/15/anarchist-general-assembly-notes-nov-12-2011/

COMMENT: "Small discrepency: Regional Assembly planning meeting is on the 27th not the 17th."