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8AM protest - jobs rally - Steel Bridge - Today

A protest November 17 east side of steel bridge 8 in the morning
8 am -Thursday

east side of steel bridge
police have bridge closed to everyone but the Max this morning
can they do that?

This is a Jobs With Justice event:

[The Steel Bridge, like so much of our infrastructure, is structurally deficient and in need of repair. This is work that needs doing, even while thousands in Portland are unemployed! Bridges like this one are symbols of politicians failure to pass a jobs bill or do anything to help the 99%, while the richest 1% keep getting richer.]

wow! 17.Nov.2011 07:55


There must be about a hundred police, sheriff, homeland security, and etc hiding under the bridge, helicopters overhead, and, well, channel 12,"news." Was wondering why, figured I would find out here. Thanks pez indy.

N17 banks next :-] 17.Nov.2011 09:13

shut em

N17 Bank protests are next on the agenda TODAY


Solidarity Forever

ubder bridge niw 17.Nov.2011 10:26

joe anybody

Folks are meeting in west side under Burnside bridge for N17 bank protest ... posted at 10:30