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Dear Portland Police Bureau,

Dear Portland Police Bureau,
I am putting you on notice that I am coming to protest. If your officers arrest me and thereby interfere with my first, fourth, and fourteenth amendment rights, I will allow it, then plead not guilty, demand a jury trial, refuse to pay bail, and win in court. Then the fun begins, as I will have the arresting officers decertified by DPSST for official misconduct resulting in loss, (ORS 465)

I am coming, and I am not anonymous.

Nice! 16.Nov.2011 19:58

Den Mark, Vancouver

Cogent, strong, concise, clear. Excellent statement. Thank you.

hey there butthead 17.Nov.2011 04:03


"Really 16.Nov.2011 22:52
the real 99% link

Good luck with that one moron. I will be hysterical to watch you get arrest, and found guilty, and then have DPSST laugh at you. "

you white liberal, you safe and sorry piece of capitalist shit...you are the police.

anok 17.Nov.2011 06:12


W.T.F. is this?

anok 17.Nov.2011 11:03


Now now children, if you can't play nice...

Don't listen to these kids, well actually...I mean, in a sense they are right. You have no power over the state. But they're still dicks.

And what the hell is the matter with you, when someone comes on this web site saying "i'm going to protest the police and I can do it because of my constitutional blah blah blah," do you A)Say 'good for you, but...' B) Ignore it and let him find out the hard way that his rights and well being mean jack shit in relation to his or her countries government, or C) Call him a cop and a capitalist pig. Where the fuck did that even come from? Where in this article does it mention the words "capitalism" and or "hog feed." Jesus, fuck you.

You know what, you're a cop. Who else would go so out of their way to create divisions? Seriously. Eat shit.