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Seattle, Wa: Bank of America Attacked

Seattle, Wa: Bank of America Attacked
On the night of monday the 14th 9 windows of a bank of america where smashed out with rocks. This was a gesture of solidarity for our comrades in oakland and chapel hill. For an indefinite general strike, an occupation of territory and the permanent conflict with the existing order.

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Thank you 16.Nov.2011 18:48

Den Mark, Vancouver WA

I like broken bank windows, because a) they remind corporate suits of the rage that's out here, & b) more work is made for local glaziers. I like seeing boarded-up bank windows, because they make banks resemble houses that those banks foreclosed on.

Thank you. Be safe, & invisible.

WfWDtfEhxz 10.Jan.2015 08:24

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i like to see broken bank windows because ..... 16.Nov.2011 19:49

a window shopper

(a) it reminds me that people fight back (b) i owe them lots money and will never pay them back (c) the way they respond just confirms why people do it (d) they deserve it for sterilizing the world (e) they "owe" us tons of money and they're not doing shit about it, and i don't want their money anymore (f) glass buildings look stupid and they probably built it less than 10 years ago, or 3 years ago, so it's a waste of resources for that capitalist consumer aesthetic, and (g) because i fucking hate banks

hellllll yeah 16.Nov.2011 22:41


Much love from an anarchist in Portland. Hopefully this stuff will start happening more frequently all up an down the west coast.

I like broken bank windows 17.Nov.2011 08:43


Because it's the only language these fuckers understand. May a thousand windows break for each baton blow delivered by their lackey thugs.