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Photos and comments of Occupy Portland, Nov. 12-13

The class war by the 1% against the Occupy movement is in full throttle. Last night, cops raided OWS at Liberty Plaza without warning, attacking protestors with pepper spray and batons. Two days ago (Nov. 13), facing a similar eviction threat from Mayor Adams, it was Occupy Portland in the crosshairs. Other Occupy camps have been brutally attacked in Oakland, Berkeley, Denver, Chapel Hill, and elsewhere. Even as they dismantle the camps, we are not giving up the fight.

But, as we, the 99% know, this movement is too big and significant to fail. Even as they dismantle the camps, we are not going to give up the fight. That night on Nov. 13, the words "We the People have the power" came alive in the streets of Portland. We collectively experienced what power we can have when we stand together and overcome our fears. The call has been shouted out and heard everywhere from Portland to NYC, "Occupy under attack, What do we do? Stand up, fight back!" They can never destroy Occupy/us, as long as this spirit of resistance stays alive!
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