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In Response to Dan Savage's Latest Fuckery

Dan Savage has released a response to his being glitterbombed here: < link to slog.thestranger.com. We're back to set the record straight.
Up till now, our cell has taken a very media-shy approach, we have believed it best to let our actions speak for themselves and let others judge them as they will. But recently, Dan Savage has made the ridiculous claim that none of his glitterers were trans.

This is a bald-faced lie. Every member of DSWC Eugene is trans, including the woman who glittered Dan on November 1st. If we were to hazard a guess, we'd say that Dan probably harbors a lot of cissexist assumptions about what a trans person looks and sounds like (protip: there's as much variance among trans people as among cis people).

Now that that's cleared up and while we're here, we're going to proceed to criticize the rest of his response.

You note in the same paragraph that you make the mistake we came to correct that you met a trans student and had a discussion with him about some things at UCI. You note that y'all talked about whether it's ever okay to use the word "shemale." Y'know what? It's not men's place to make that decision, because it's a trans-MISOGYNIST insult. Unless y'all were talking about how y'all shouldn't use it and should just listen to what people who experience transmisogyny (PWETM) have to say about it, y'all should check y'all's male privilege and fuck right off.

Another thing: You make it clear in your response that you think being attracted to trans people is "freaky" or some sort of "freak" thing. Now, we're on board with you that being a freak is a good thing. We're rash kids who throw glitter at our enemies; of course we're freaks. But not everyone is or wants to be a freak, and to claim that being trans automatically makes someone a freak is FUCKING TRANSPHOBIC. And that's what you're claiming when you claim that a straight boy's a freak for being attracted to trans women. A straight boy is just STRAIGHT for being attracted to trans women; they're no fucking different from cis women.

Also, you got glittered just after saying "she-males for lack of a better term," WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU EXPECT? By the way, the term "transsexual" (it's spelled with two Ss) is sort of pathologizing and not everyone likes it; trans is better unless someone specifies a different preference.

Anyway, the point is, Dan, that you're not just being called out for a few isolated incidents of your using bad words. YOU'RE BEING CALLED OUT BECAUSE OF A LONG-RUNNING, STILL-GOING, NON-SUPERFICIAL PATTERN OF TRANSPHOBIA AND CISSEXISM, IN ADDITION TO MISOGYNY, RACISM, RAPE-APOLOGISM, FATPHOBIA, MONOSEXISM, ACEISM, ABLEISM, ET AL. This is all well documented elsewhere on the internet, and all you're doing is proving us right by continuing to get defensive and argue against these accusations instead of listening, accepting them, and honestly trying to do better. Shit's complicated, you're not gonna be all good overnight, but if you actually turn your game around, maybe people will actually start to trust you some in five years or so. We won't, but maybe some folks will.

Oh and by the way, we heard you sicced the cops on a comrade in Irvine. That is beyond fucked up, and we sincerely hope that you die in a fire.

god damn 15.Nov.2011 15:58


way to pick your battles, assholes.

Seriously, dan fucking savage? You're going to choose THAT person to get up in arms over?

The amount of fucking luxury and privilege you have to be able to pick this person as your target is amazing. If Dan savage is your enemy, then you're not doing so fucking bad ok?

Otherwise, focus on the people that are, you know, actually oppressing you.

Ignorant comment above me.. 15.Nov.2011 16:06


Fidelity, are you trans? Do you know at all what sort of struggles trans people go through? If the DSWC are trans, then they know what it feels like to experience oppression FOR BEING TRANS. If you are an ally to trans people, it is your job to support them, whether that means calling people out for transphobic language or behavior, or supporting them when they themselves call people out. All struggles are linked, oppression is oppression, telling people to put their own safety, freedom and right to equality on the back burner is fucked up and obviously comes from the mouth of someone with privilege. You would never tell someone who experiences racial oppression to not take racism seriously because there are "idk, people starving somewhere".... right? If someone is being oppressed by one person or by a whole army, it is their right to fight back if they want to. I support glitter bombing Dan Savage, though it should have been a glitter pie with some cayenne thrown in there. Don't fucking tell people what to do about their own oppression.

Play 'em off, keyboard cat...


Caricature 15.Nov.2011 16:53


If the goal of the original post was to create in words a self-caricature, well, the goal was sadly achieved. Wallowing in tedious hyperbolic self-pity is never cool.

Wait... WHAT?! 16.Nov.2011 12:22


So ummm, let me see if i've got this shit straight: Dan Savage is guilty of: "TRANSPHOBISM, CISSEXISM, IN ADDITION TO MISOGYNY, RACISM, RAPE-APOLOGISM, FATPHOBIA, MONOSEXISM, ACEISM, ABLEISM, etc. SERIOUSLY?! I'm not even sure half this shit listed aren't just made-up words. Dan Savage is racist? Misogynistic? Rape apologiest? Since fucking when?!

What next? You're going to try and tell us that Noam Chomsky is actually a hard-right zionist lacky?

What group do you represent?
What EXACTLY did Dan do to piss you off?
And what PROOF will you provide to back up such allegations?

Wait a minute. Are you talking about DAN Savage or MICHAEL Savage?

damn 16.Nov.2011 16:09


I have weathered the storms and read some crazy, stupid stuff on this website.

absurd conspiracy theories
mind control
haarp causing earthquakes

you name it

This, I think, it the most absurd thing I have seen here.

Your "cell" is useless. You glitterbombed someone who represents probably the most insignificant "threat" you could possibly imagine, precisely because you are so powerless and spineless that you would never dream of confronting anyone who actively threatens and represses the community you claim to fight for.

You may as well have hired a freshman english major and had them help you write a strongly worded letter to the editor. At least then you would have had at least a tiny handful of people take you seriously. Maybe.

Then again, you're fighting the evil, oppressive Dan Savage, while other people are out there actively physically and emotionally attacking those you claim to defend. So you're pretty much a joke to begin with.

Hmmm 16.Nov.2011 23:43

Dog Woman

I clicked on this mostly because there were 19 responses and I wanted to see what was so hot here. These are such serious times and I value Indy media sites for providing news, important and too oft ignored 'alternative' info, ect. But this thread takes the cake.

These are times to get over ourselves - and our superficial perceived differences - and plug into the most important common issues of our times: ecological and economical crises. Freedoms being eroded. Wouldn't this energy be better spent on some Occupy activities right now? Keep yer eyes on the prize, people.

"Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing." Shakespeare

reading helps stop ignorance 20.Nov.2011 20:44


If the internet is full of Dan's history of negative bias towards trans people please help us out and post some links. It's possible many of us are not picking up that baias. Turn your hate for him into education for us without your hate.

They arrested the person without the request or knowledge of Dan. When he learned of it he refused to press charges.

Reading the facts about this really helps. Go to Dan's blog on Nov 14th and 15th.

 link to slog.thestranger.com