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Anarchist General Assembly Notes [Nov.12.2011]

A reportback from the Nov. 12 Anarchist General Assembly.


Updates from organizations in town-15min
Working group report backs-15min
New working group proposals-10min
Breakout discussions & report back-30min
Group discussions [potentially Black Bloc]-20min
Occupy Portland-20min


-Blackrose: All volunteer collective/radical info shop & community space. We need support/help, if you want to volunteer contact our event account  blackroseshows@gmail.com

-Herbal Collective: New consensus and collective group study on herbs and such

-Freeskool:Need help teaching classes on anything/will help find location, etc.

-FoodNotBombs: Starting servings after Occupy Portland/Monday&Friday @ 5:30pm in the pavilion at Col. Summers Park - IWW: Organizing radical unions for the working class.

-Books to Prisoners: All-volunteer collective working to distribute books free of charge to prisoners [Books to Prisoners Mailing Nights--Tuesdays 5:30-8PM @1112 NE Morton St.,between Dekum St. and Ainsworth St.]

-Praxis (group of folx has gone by Praxis, Accountability/Trans): formative Justice [interested in conversations about why as radicals we are anti-prisons/anti-police, punitive punishment, developments of a community without/against prisons & what that means/what that looks like]

-Cascadia Center: Non-hierarchical organizing and supporting of groups [Unsettled Portland-helping to move into foreclosed houses/buildings/infrastructure]

-March-Hare Communications Collective: Needs help organizing for G8 in regards to technology [contact if experienced in system administration, knowledge of computers, etc.]

-Animal Defense League: Interested in animal and environmental oppressions/analysis of marginalized communities. [FUR FREE FRIDAY-NOV.25TH]

*WORKING GROUP REPORT BACKS [from previous anarchist assembly]-

-Solidarity group: West coast solidarity week for fellow anarchists, info demo&march downtown/2 parties/week of action [lots of funds raised]

-Anarchist Outreach: About 20 people met with a bunch of ideas, website&list serve

-Anti-police: Created fliers and propaganda in preparation for the response to the reinstatement/arbitration of Officer Frashour & info about anti-police in general [ email--pdxnotlovingpolice@gmail.com]

-Jail Support: Have track phone, and need help setting that up with an account


-Reading/Discussion group: focus on reading/thinking developing ideas-radical history,etc.

-Non-human oppression group: analyze other specie's oppression

-Police Stories [Zach]: Group to table and collect stories of peoples' interactions with police

-Regional Assembly:YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

-Herbalist Group

-Frashour/Anti-police brutality


-Jail Support


-Reading/Discussion group: Bi-monthly meeting-Sunday Nov.20th at Red&Black

-Issues regarding non-humans: list serve [animal rights & environmental issues], Animal Liberation forum [2012-ADL]

-Police Stories: list serve/goodgle calendar-find Zach

-Regional (A)ssembly: next summer proposal time line/will meet in 2 weeks-call outs should be posted for ideas/contacts and such.

-Herbalist Group: first meeting Monday Nov.14th [5:30-7:00] at Blackrose, mediations & collective process

-Frashour/Police:  email-pdxnotlovingpolice@gmail.com [fliering with Rose City Copwatch against Frashour reinstatement, compiling information about alternatives to police for communities] meeting in 2 weeks Nov.26th Red&Black

-Outreach: Meeting people in the occupy process, studying what Greeks have done and disseminating that, specifically outreach decentralizing occupy [Meeting Tuesday Nov.15th Hotlips PSU at 6pm, and Saturday Nov.19th at 2pm Blackrose]

-Jail Support: Trying to find a way to bridge a gap between NLG and community [email list for updates and meeting info]


-Black Bloc- not enough people want to talk about it

-Neighborhood Assemblies-some people want to talk about it

-Occupy-everyone wants to talk about it


-Text hot-line when police are mobilizing for raid on the camp-when things get intense-they are checking bags [text 023559 PDXOccupy]

-Think about strategy/police tactics, making blockades/rallying, concerns of mass arrest, consideration of how police will sweep, non-violent civildisobedence, etc.

-Occupy GA agreed to retake space [logistics-reclaiming other spaces/state infrastructure, foreclosure work-occupying bank owned homes and living/creating neighborhood centers] DISCLAIMER: Please recognize privilege before occupying neighborhoods

-Solidarity march as radicals?

-Occupy Portland PR rep. says they are not dehumanizing anarchists...


-NLG 503-902-5340


-David Burgess arraignment rally outside the justice center [9:30am Monday Nov.14th]

-Walkout/march PSU to decentralizing the occupation [12:00pm Nov.16th]

-Matt Houston one of the organizing body for the assembly is calling out for support organizing the next one!!!!

-Snacbloc: Thanks to Snacbloc for the food, oh and "TALK LESS SHIT" in our community... find constructive solutions!!

-Cascadia Bi-regional Congress [ cascadiamycelium@gmail.com]

-IWW: Intro classes & organizer trainings Nov.19th&20th and Music for the Working Class Nov.30th

-Grey Coast Anarchist News:  http://greycoast.wordpress.com/

-Anarchist Newspaper in Portland, OR. in the beginning stages-looking to work with writers/contributors within the next year. Talk to Matt Houston.

-B Media [971-270-0020 Bmediacollective.org]

-Regional Assembly's next planning meeting Nov.17th

homepage: homepage: http://greycoast.wordpress.com/2011/11/15/anarchist-general-assembly-notes-nov-12-2011/

Small discrepency 15.Nov.2011 15:56


Regional Assembly planning meeting is on the 27th not the 17th.